Sunday, March 18, 2007

Easter Finery

Yes, is it's that time of year. Little girls in mary-janes with ruffled socks, little white gloves adorned with satin roses, pretty Easter bonnets and a new dress in the same pastels as Spring flowers. Last year my baby was quite content to let me dress her up and photograph her. This year, well it's going to take another photo shoot at least to capture her in a good mood. Maybe I shouldn't have plucked her up while she was begging for more food. Honey even got in the spirit with us and placed her on the opposite edge of the bed so she could glide down a make believe catwalk towards me. Here is last years photo:

And here is a so-so one of this year:


daverichards said...

Really nice photos..thanks for sharing hey as Easter is fast approaching do visit my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and enjoy all the fun and joy it's filled up with!!!

meno said...

That first picture is wonderful.

This year's, not so much. Cat's insist upon having their own ideas about these things.