Friday, March 16, 2007

Bleep. Message deleted

You know what I love about Friday afternoon posts? Nobody really reads them, I post a few more over the weekend and this one will just go by the wayside. Which is fine by me, I'm slowly creeping into hermit mode. I have no desire to hold converstions, so I've been making excuses to my friends that I really can't dilly-dally with them and I must be on my way. I don't think I've answered the phone more than once or twice this week, much to the chargin of my husband, I keep letting the messages go unheard too. Everytime I flip the phone open, there are more unheard messages, which I know I will never listen too. Bleep, message deleted.
Honey asked if I was mad at him today.. I said no why? He said you are so very quiet. Yeah, I know..but I'm not mad. I wouldn't have made you dinner if I were mad, now would I? Luckily for him, he knows when to give me room.
I was up most of last night and then of course I didn't want to get up and get going today.
I saw a friend at the gym today, she went two treads down from me, we nodded and said hey, and she started her run. I like a silent workout partner. It's not like I want to avoid PEOPLE, I want to avoid conversation. I'm not one to talk incessantley just to fill the air. Though you would never know that from my blog. I write to fill up space. I think my sister said something along those lines in one of her posts.


Swishy said...

I'm reading it!

I know what you mean. I get that like sometimes, too. Ain't nothing wrong with it!

kjamaupin said...

I'm reading, too!! I can totally agree that although I don't want to have a conversation sometimes, I like the comfort of people around me. But then there are other times when I want everyone to get the h*ll away from me! HAHA And of course, there are other time when I will talk your ear (or eyes) off....kind of like I babbling....ok....I'm done! :-)

Cyd said...

I don't know which post of mine you were talking about. I think you are still working on the right balance between gym and life. All good.

Karen said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I always feel bad when I'm getting my hair cut because I'm not a "talker." I don't want people to think I don't like them, but I'm just more comfortable not talking when I don't have anything to say. Now writing...that's a different kettle of fish. :)

meno said...

I'm not commenting because i didn't read it, and i don't feel like chatting.


Frannie Farmer said...

It's Saturday .. I am reading now. :O)
I often avoid the phone. sometimes I just don't want to engage.

TTQ said...

For all of you that agree, that makes me feel better..

And wow, I didn't realize you guys read on the weekends..the (peanut) gallery is usually quiet.

Meno.. *grin*

Lindsay said...

Ooh. I get that way a lot. I'm like a little hermit, I've virtually antisocial! Except, I get pissy. One of my favorite lines (justifications? ha) is:

"Like an artist who hides for days then emerges to paint a masterpiece, this quiet time allows all the pieces to fall into place."

Or I have PMS. :)

Andie said...

I'm a talker. I admit it. But like you, I often have moments where I don't feel like talking to people in person.

I have to be in the mood.

and see? I read on the weekends!

actually, I've been doing most of my blog reading on the weekends lately. during my house remodeling breaks.

Have a great day!