Monday, March 05, 2007

16 Miles To No Where

Today I logged in 16 miles at the gym, 3 and a half on foot and 13 on the bike. Just when I was getting that exercise high, I had to leave to make it home before Honey went to a meeting tonight. That sucks, when I get that extra push, I just want to go for miles and miles. I make my playlists an hour and half, I switch playlists from the treadmill to the bike. I'm not so much into the weights yet, I never seem to have the time to hit them. I met Honey at the gym and he got there first, so headed home first. Not sure if I like him working out with me, I kept having to pull an ear plug he kept poking me from his bike. Big Baby, but it is nice when I walk in and he is there holding a bike for me. Or if I'm there first, it always make me smile when he walks in. Must be love, eh?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

16 miles! Holy crap! You must be on your way to Uber-Thinness!! Way to go!

There's nothing like getting in the zone when it comes to exercise. Weights suck!