Thursday, March 15, 2007

Holy Crap!

Where has the time gone? My last post was on monday, so I can kinda account for that day. But it is Thursday now, what have I been doing? I feel like i'm in a time warp. Let's see Monday night I watched Marie Antoinette. Tuesday, Tuesday...hmmm Tuesday.. Ahhh yes Tuesday night, we went to Wal-Mart, my mouse was/is pretty grungy and quit working, but not because it was grungy (yeah right), so Honey bribed me with the chance to stroll the electronics department for new toys. He actually stood in line to get his own deli meat! But the rules were no salami or had to be ham, turkey or roast beef. he called me from the deli counter to see if I would budge on that. I don't eat it, I'm suppose to be helping him eat more healthy. We actually cook two dinners a night here, mine and his. I'm 98% vegetarian, plus no salt and low fat.

Okay now that I've accounted for Tuesday, I know I slept all day yesterday, never left the house and didn't want to leave again today but I had a lunch date and I had to get to the gym, and now I'm trying to create a LiveJournal account so my sister can invite me to read her by invitation only blog, I can post new posts but I can't leave one with my name, I never got the confirmation e-mail and I asked them to send it twice in the last hour, maybe because I didn't sign up for the paid account..very frustrating. Anywho's I'm thettq on Live Journal. Am I suppose to maintain both blogs now?


Cyndy said...

Feel free to use your lj blog about as much as I use my blogger blog (which is NOT AT ALL. I just use my username to leave comments on YOUR blog).

Sorry about the frustration with the confirmation. Rejected as spam? Wrong email address? If you still have trouble let me know and I'll work a way around it.

TTQ said...

I got it finally......I was just impatient. Had to stamp my foot and quiver my bottom lip..I even made a few entries.

Swishy said...

This has been a weird week! I blame the daylight savings.

Cyndy said...

Also, I don't know about Florida but we're in that weird zone where the weather can't decide if it is spring or still winter. The pressure and humidity changes are driving me batty.

TTQ said...

We went from winter to summer...thunderstorms and all in the afternoons. The A/C is kicked on high.