Thursday, March 08, 2007

Random Grab Bag

Me: Did I tell you I saw Elvis at the gym?

Honey: No.

Me: He was dressed all in black like Johnny Cash, had a belly like Elvis did later on, dyed black hair, mutton chops

Honey: Yeah that's so and so.

Me: Damn, you know everybody

Honey: He supposedly really good

Me: Did I tell you I saw Abe Lincoln yesterday or today?

Honey: Oh that's so and so. He talks in first person when doing his thing, even dyes his hair when he needs too.

Me: Okay but what about the old people? The ones that drape themselves on the weight machines and seem to have forgotten why they are sitting there or where they are, they sit there for about 5 mins with blank looks on their faces.

Honey: Now that's funny, I haven't noticed that yet.

Me: I just happened to figure out this week that it is social hour for the geriatrics from 10-12. The good news is they don't last long on the cardio equipment, they come and go so quickly.

In other useless news it was forget to replace your gas cap and leave the little door day, I counted at least 5 cars on one stretch of my way into Orange County today. I also encountered alot of roadkill, which my sister would probably stop and photograph.

And what about the young lads who insist on playing the bass so loud in their cars that it actually gives you a migraine because he insists on following me, probably because I am trying to speed away from him, thus he wants to speed while rattling my teeth. I thought about slamming on the brakes as my evasive techniques did not seem to be working, then I thought about jumping out of my car like a lunatic at a red light to berate him for making my throbbing head, ear drum popping, teeth rattling body want to tear him a new asshole much that if I had a permit to carry a gun, I might have been tempted to use it.

Good things about today, the toll booth seemed to be stuck on Thank You and the green light, but being a big believer in Karma..I paid it anyways, I had already dug out the correct coinage afterall and it was the right thing to do. Oh and I got to see my primary care Dr who I love, I'm usually visiting specialists for my health care, but she gets copied on everything and we chatted forever. Seriously she is like the best DR well maybe 2nd best since I see my GI like every month. Those two make it worth the drive to Orlando..

My karma thing worked out. When I pulled in my driveway It looked like the lawn had been mowed. I knew honey had an hour between appts and was going to stop home but doing the lawn not enough was edged and blown too. It wasn't high but I'm sure honey would have mowed it this weekend (We have the best lawn on the street) Turns out our friend who owns a lawnscape buisness was on our street today, I had chatted with him before I left for Orlando, he either did it himself or had one of his guys do it..but how cool is that?
Nobody has posted any favorite workout songs or lists...

14.75 miles to nowhere 3.5 on foot 11.25 on bike


Cyndy said...

Like your avatar! Here's mine. Does it look like me?

And by the way, "favorite workout songs?" I laugh.

TTQ said...

You have to put your avatar on your can delete it later if you want. Your link doesn't work above...

you think my avatar looks ike me?

LeighAnn said...

You are a good girl. I so believe in karma!

cubmommy said...

As you know, not currently exercising right now. Also, my music list changes to what mood I am in. When I was running, I listen to hardcore metal to get through the run.

You should have snuck a picture of Elvis. That would have been fun to see.

TTQ said...

Cubmommy- I just may do that...sometimes I bring my phone to the machines if I'm going to be there awhile..otherwise it's in my locker. You gitta see the Abe Lincoln guy too!

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