Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh My! A Total Mouth Orgasm!

It's tomato picking time here at TTQ's. We have grape tomatos, cherry tomatos, campari tomatos, big boy tomatoes, plum tomatoes..You name it we have them, most of them grown from seeds. Today we picked probably two pints of grape and cherry ones, The cherry ones were the best tasting to me, Honey likes the grapes. Mom is missing out cause she flew off to the Dominican Republic this morning. The good news is if the weather stays this way we will have some type or another all the way through Fall. More than we can eat. So we give them away. It works out great, I eat vegetarian 98% of the time, and honey loves to grow stuff..yes our backyard on the canal is a fully functioning garden. It used to drive me nuts that it all seemed so hodge podge and undecorative, but we seem to have struck a balance lately between ornamental and food plants. In fact I have new plant that is like a bush but could be groomed into a tree its called a starburst plant, or at least that's what the people he got it from call it. I would go take pictures of the baskets of tomatos I picked and the starburst plant, but my camera batteries are dead after yesterdays Easter shoot. Plus we ate most of the tomatos like grapes, but the vines are overborn with green ones..

This is my garden you can tell I'm as pale as a ghost. I avoid the sun at all costs. Dr's orders..whatta ya goin do? Don a cowboy hat! I even have garden clogs. Today I forgot I had my inside track shoes on and went in the dirt with them on. Luckily it was dry. I think one of my favorite things to do is to take the ones that don't meet my standards and pitch them full force over the fence into the canal. I think I almost hit an Egret today. Whoops.. didn't see him there until I had already launched it. I also like to put them in my shirt like they do in South America with their skirts..makes me feel farmy or something like that. you can take the girl outta the city and she'll laugh at everything she does in a small town.

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Don't hit the egret! I will cry! ;)