Saturday, March 17, 2007

Adopt a Bunny For Easter!

Okay so basically, It's been established that I will not be receiving a cute little bunny for Easter. Nor am I to bring one home unannounced (who am I kidding? announced or otherwise). So just in time for Easter I stumbled upon this delightful little's called a Nabaztag..and it becomes part of your home environment much like your pets, husbands and Roombas. I figure the cost is way less than what an actual Bunny would run ya after purchasing a cage, a litter box, food, carrots, a rabbit hole, and cute little bows for it's ears and of course the occasional dying of the fur for special occasions. I mean really, besides amusement what do you get from a live bunny? A rabbits foot when it dies? Just kidding..I would never condone the actual chopping of rabbits foot off. That's just wrong. Okay.. back to Nabaztag. I've decided that Roomba needs a friend, nobody pays any attention to her anymore, they barely move when she comes in the room.. All Nabaztag needs to move in is a wi-fi home. You can even marry your rabbit to another one! Nabaztag will wake you up, read you news headlines or weblogs & websites , record and play messages for your family, alert you to incoming e-mail..Text messages keeping you in touch with friends and family? Nabaztag can read and deliver them to you! And did I mention he does Tai-Chi?

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