Friday, March 23, 2007

Books, Books, Books and More Books!!!

Hollywood ladies are starting a book club, which should be interesting..just what is it that the celebs read? Somehow I don't see them blogging or reading the what's on their list?? Somehow I can't see this club becoming the next Oprah's Book Club type of reading..who knows maybe Target will jump on it and say "The Celebrity Hollywood Wive's Book Of The Month Club"

I found this on The Superficial

Victoria Beckham is allegedly starting up a Hollywood book club, with Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez set to join. She plans for members of the book club to meet once a month at each other's houses where they'll discuss the book they've been reading. A source tells the Daily Star:

"When Victoria told Katie about a book club, Katie thought it was a great idea, especially as she would love to learn more about British classics. Victoria has asked five of her friends, including Jennifer Lopez and Katie, to become members."

Keep in mind this is Posh Spice, who awhile ago admitted to have never read a single book in her entire life. At their first meeting everybody will be ready to discuss Pride and Prejudice and she'll have brought a copy of Green Eggs and Ham. Then before they even start she'll break down and admit she rented the movie.

Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)

Jennifer Lopez

Katie Holmes

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Cyd said...

Hee, you are so funny!

I bet the publicists will choose the books. And brief them with Cliff's notes if necessary.