Saturday, March 17, 2007

Duh Da Da Da DA Inspector Gadget!

Go Go Gadget Go!

So you wanna check out what somebody's up to? You could google him, or if you work in a car dealership you could run his credit (I'm not kidding folks, I had a friend who did this) ,or you can check out the property appraiser's web-site, the sex offenders web-site..and once you get access to his pc, you could pick up this handy little usb device.

Snoopstick article on The DailyCandy.Com
The USB flash drive allows you to monitor a computer in real time. Plug it into the machine whose activity you want to keep tabs on and download the software. (PCs only — Mac users are safe on home base.) Then put the contraption into any PC and get directly connected to the computer you’re staking out. Your victim will have no evidence of the trespass, so stick it where you want (and hope that he hasn’t).

Available online at
P.S. TTQ would never use this against Honey or any of her friends or family (unless Mom got Alzheimers and her Social Security Check was spent before she even got it), but it's good to know that the average person can get their grubby little paws on this. Which makes this device reason #6,789,286 not to ever let anyone put their grubby hands on my precious pc. Isn't that right baby you sweet little thang, good pc, good pc. Mommy will protect you from those mean bitches.
P.P.S. I suggest that everyone who reads this should yank a hair or three out of their heads to tape over the usb drives, just to make sure their pc hasn't been tampered with.

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Swishy said...

OMG, I thought the SAME THING when I saw that!!! That's scary shit right there. I died laughing when I read both of your PS's. HA HA HA.