Monday, July 31, 2006

Where are my meds??!!!

Acck. My prescriptions are being held for ransom. They received my mail order but it hasn't shipped. It always ships within two days this has been four days. In two days I will run out. Things could get ugly. Effective at midnight tonight my old health care ends and hubby's is suppose to kick in. We shall find out. I just want to know if the old insurance paid for my last refills and are they shipping them or not. If they aren't going to, fine, I'll fill them through my new insurance. And if they don't have me in the system, I'll pay cash. I need my meds. I really really really need them. The nice people say it's being processed, whatever that means for four days. They say please allow two weeks, it has never ever ever taken this long before. Agggghh.
Yes, my pretties, it's my psych meds all of them...and there are a slew of them that I take. If anything my posts might become rather interesting..aggh I'm going to have a panic attack over not having panic attack meds. This sucks. I hate being in limbo. If I pay cash it's going to be expensive.They don't have generic for half of them. So I will have to pay an insurance premium for nada zip zero plus pay for my meds. That will suck, it will also leave a mark in the bank account. And for those of you saying why did you wait to go into the Dr. I didn't wait, there was nothing earlier and that appt was made two months in advance, and I did try to plead with the girl to get me in earlier. AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!


Cyd said...

Yikes, I hope you don't have to go to extreme harassment measures or can get something to tide you over. Should be an emergency meds phone number you could call. Let us know it all turned out okay (trying to stay positive!).

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