Monday, July 24, 2006

Holy Matrimony!

Everybody's getting married! At my wedding I knew of one couple who had tossed the idea of marriage around, but there hadn't been a formal proposal or ring yet. One of my best male friends said my Wedding was enough to make him want to get married again( he has been married twice) and that he had been faithful to his current girlfriend the whole time they have been dating (about a year). So I get an e-mail from him last night...He's getting married! This morning I was checking my e-mail and I have one from my girlfriend and our friend her now fiancee ,who had talked about it (getting engaged), and ta-da they are now officially engaged! See above picture! My cousin who sent the late Wedding Gift that I wrote about a few entries ago, said SHE is getting married in Sept ! Apparently when she was here for my Wedding she had told some of the family, but I was so busy, I had no idea until she had already flown home!

Keep in mind NONE OF US ARE IN OUR 20's! In fact out of everybody , I am the only one who had never gotten married before! Does this kind of thing happen after all weddings??? Kind of giving people the courage to take the proverbial plunge? Anywho, it's all very exciting!


Karinaxoxo said...

Perhaps it was because people realised its about time they got married - maybe your wedding was motivation for them!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so nice. They probably got the idea from you! :-)

katie-q said...

That always seems to happen, everyone gets married around the same time, and then you are responsible for a million wedding & shower gifts and you have to buy a new outfit for each wedding because its all the same people attending and you can't be seen in the same dress twice, people should really take this into consideration when getting hitched, it makes for a lot of shopping for the rest of us.

katie-q said...

I just realized my post sounded a little bitter!

I'm honestly happy for all of your friends, happy, happy, happy!

Andie said...

I find that when people are truly in love and you can tell at their wedding, that couples that love each other haven't taken the plunge are inspired and realize that they shouldn't wait!

Apparently you have one of those marriages! :)