Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm awake, kind of. They got me pretty relaxed, however we had some tiny complications. They couldn't get a vein to use for the IV, which was not surprise to me. Finally Ms. Ratchett was called over to try. she's the nurse that was going to get that IV in no matter how bad it hurt. This was my first procedure that my hubby went to with me, my mom had most of the previous honors. Honey was a great help, he kept me laughing, and held my hand, stroked my head while they were trying to get the IV in for almost 30 mins of being jabbed in every arm and hand.
My biggest fear was that the pre op had not completely cleaned me out and I was going to have an accident on the table. That never happened ! Thank God, I would have been mortified, I know that it has probably happened before, but I damn sure didn't want it to happen to me.
So I am in there watching the tv screen of my ass, which didn't actually look as wide as I felt it was poking out of the hospital gown. The nurses were sweet and chatted me off to twilight zone, I do remember moaning and saying ow ow ow a few times, then more sedation. I also remember seeing one or two of the polyps that they had to take out. They yank them off with a special little instrument, then sear it closed to stop the bleeding. They also had to press on my belly quite a bit to get the camera where it needed to go. I have a loopy colon. All twist and turny. But mission accomplished with no explosions. The little polyps are in a jar being sent to be checked for cancer.
My stomach was and is still very sore. Normally when I go to Orlando for a procedure mom goes, and we go get blueberry pancakes and do some shopping while I'm all loopy in the head. Honey wasn't playing that game, we did go to Olive Garden for lunch seing how I hadn't eaten since Monday afternoon and it was 1 pm today. So since the nurses to hold him I was to rest today, we came home he put me to bed, which was just as well I wasn't expecting my tummy to be so sore walking. They must have really been twisting me around to see everything they needed to see.
So, I'm not sure which procedure I like the best, the Upper GI scope or the Lower GI scope. Actually I don't like either one.
Oh and if you have to have the lower GI done, it says you can eat any color jello except for red..I'd skip the blue ones too...unless you like the color green.


Karinaxoxo said...

oh that sounds terrible. glad you are ok now though!!

Cyd said...

Whew, you made it through. We'll just keep our fingers crossed that the tests turn out okay. Now I'm just thinking, who would want that job? I'm not sure you could pay me enough to put nice people through such discomfort every day, or in any case, face those body parts of strangers every day. Takes a special person.

katie-q said...

yay, you made it through! (no pun intended)