Saturday, July 22, 2006

MORNING! Mr. B starts his day that way everyday, followed by "I haven't had a bad day in 15 years!" He also says Goodmorning Beautiful! Hello Pretty Lady and other extremely positive remarks. And that shit eating grin, everyday, day after day. For two years he has never failed in his positive camapign. Can it really be true? Does he go home and kick his dog, curse at his computer, set booby traps for the mailman...
Mr. J went with him on a recent trip to Las Vegas. When they got back, do you know what he talked about the most? How Mr B. BOUNCED out of bed and yelled HAPPY GOODMORNING! everyday.
It can get a little old and sometimes you really just want to tell him to SHUT THE F*%$! UP. But he's so damn happy all the time it just wears off on you, and next thing you know YOU are yelling HAPPY GOODMORNING!
How ya like them apples? Another unexplained mystery of the Universe.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Good Afternoon to you!!