Monday, April 30, 2007

Reality Check

Do fast food ads get you hungry for a BigMac from McDonald's? Or maybe a Whopper from Burger King? Yep, just looking at the picture above is enough to make me want one. But alas it's false advertising. Kinda like Anna Nicole Smith and Trimspa.. so below I have posted the nutritional info for a Whopper and an actual picture of what the Whopper looks like after you order one. Click the Title of this post to go to other yummy actual pictures versus ads.

Nutrition Facts
sandwich (11.1 oz) oz g

Calories 760

Total Fat
47 g

Saturated Fat
16 g

Trans Fatty Acids
1.5 g

115 mg

1450 mg

Total Carbohydrates
52 g

Dietary Fiber
3 g

11 g


33 g

And for those staggering calories and fat you really get this:

Yummy huh? Didn't think so. Oh wait you did think so? And you wanted a large fry with that?

Add this to your Whopper!

Large Fries (King)
Calories 600

Total Fat
33 g

Saturated Fat
8 g

Trans Fatty Acids
7 g

0 mg

990 mg

Total Carbohydrates
69 g

Dietary Fiber
6 g

2 g

6 g

Total Calories for a Whopper and Fries: 1360 ( that's my DAILY, THE WHOLE DAY intake)
Total fat: 80 grams

Here is a log of my TOTALS from April 21-April 30

Fat - 8.5% (136 grams) about 15 grams of fat per day
Protein - 16.6% (598 grams)
Carbohydrates - 74.8% (2,689 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Averages for the rest:

Daily Calorie Intake - 1,235 cals
Daily Sodium Intake - 1,836 mg
Daily Cholesterol Intake - 39 mg
Daily Fiber Intake - 69 grams
Nutrition Grade A

Do Not Teach Your Mother To Say Muffin Top

My mom who is pretty cool all in all, has been picking up bad habits of mine. Like I said "Muffin Top! Ewww!" When I saw a girl with a belly shirt and tight low rise jeans on... Mom looked at me quizzically and said "Muffin Top?" I said "Yeah it's the roll of fat that is squeezed out of the jeans and up and over the top." Oh, I see" said my mother.

And here's the kicker, Honey and I stopped by to see her yesterday and she says "You have a Muffin Top and you are getting too skinny!" Meanwhile my shorts are falling down to my hips and I have them belted so that they don't fall and my T-shirt went all the way down my belly to meet the top of the shorts. I SO DID NOT HAVE A MUFFIN TOP. Ladies that are 69 really don't need to be spouting off slang if they can't use it correctly... I don't care if she is wearing flared jeans with cute embroidery that are really cool. Obviously I forgot to mention "Muffin Top" is totally derogatory and SHOULD NEVER be used on family members.

Today I stop by again with Honey and she is going through magazines she asked if we wanted any of this month's issues of a variety of magazines. She has a subscription to "Blender Magazine", I grabbed that, I have a feeling she thought it was a cooking magazine when she signed up for it, it's actually a music magazine. Honey took the "Newsweeks". Oh and she hands me a "Healthy Living " magazines as if I don't spend an obsessive amount of times researching everything I put in my stomach..

I could go on about our antics today but this was just a brief synopsis of the appearance aspects..

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are Low-rise boyshorts the new Granny Panties?

No Nonsense Briefs

Apparently.. I bought a pair at Victoria's Secret and my husband saw them and asked me to never wear granny panties again. It's my only pair and I wear them to the gym, they aren't more comfortable as my regular bikini panties, I just own them and wear them from time to time. I tried to explain that they were "boy shorts". He said call them what you want but they look like granny panties to me. He's back peddling now that he saw this post being written saying it was only because they were white and the only difference is that they were tight not "bloomers". I could give them to any grandmother in town and she'd be happy to have them. But they have pink bows on the right and left side.. whatever. He made his point. Men don't like boyshorts , at least mine doesn't. What a double standard, Mr. Tighty Whitey under your work clothes. Those are oh so sexy.

Eberjay boyshort and bra.

Victoria's Secret Boyshort

Friday, April 27, 2007


bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

bored,bored,bored, bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored,bored

At least I think I am, I think I am, I think I am..BORED. bOrEd. BoReD.
Here Kitty Kitty! hehe. Mommys bored! Babyfred? Zeus? Fletch? I think they are hiding from me silently screaming save us, save us from Mommy! She's gonna dress us up and make that thing flash in our eyes over and over!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Showing you Some Love

So. Here. We. Are. Again. It's down to the wire. Will I post an entry before midninght or not? I like to think of my writing the same way I do about the gym. Somedays, it's like just go, do 10 mins and then leave, you will stay in your routine if nothing else ( Never actually quit at 10 mins). So. I. Go. And this is where the writing comes in, it's always nawing at the back of my head, most stories get lost on the way home. But I open up blogger and post. Sometimes, pictures, sometimes gossip, sometime parts of me and of course Youtube clips (Yay for Youtube!). I also like popping a techie toy in mix. I am the trail mix of the computer generation, all little bits & pieces that are ok on their own, but when you put those bits together, pour some mixture over it and bake it. WOW! It works! I did that! I didn't read the instructions. I just relaxed and went for it! We were having bets on how long Iwould keep blogging..which by the way is almost my Blog's B-Day. I think I've missed three weeks in a years ,they were all vacations without "puters on purpose. Don't get me wrong I'm not chained to my chair by any means, I will hop up and to go do something fun. But I really love my blog and my readers who comment. They make me happy

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh please tell me it's not true.

What I am about to blog about, may change your previous ideas of me. In fact you may want to vomit, but I gotta come clean.

Hello, my name is TTQ and I am a recovering Hello Kitty fanatic. I love Hello Kitty, maybe because she was born the same year I was born and she is still alive and kicking. Dominating and running rampant on any type of merchandise you can imagine. As Honey says, For something that never existed in my life before you came along, I see that damn Hello Kitty everywhere, and I mean every wear! He's pretty good about putting up with it, maybe because I keep the majority of it unopened and in a box (or two) hidden well from site. I think it's time I stop collecting, I mean really what am I going to do with stuff? Sell it on ebay? I don't have an urge to get into the whole selling stuff on ebay thing, even though I have tons of things that could make me some money, but with the money I would just buy new and different crap. Catch 22 huh?

Anyway back to kicking the HK habit, I stumbled across a guy's blog that chronicles his wife's obsession with HK. I'm gonna have to shoot myself if I ever let my bathroom look like theirs, she has gone beyond a few pieces on her desk or in her purse. I love HK notepads, I use them not store them. And I can count three things on my desk that have HK on it, which isn't too bad mixed in with all the other things on my desk (including a live cat in a little sofa). Oh and my desktop has HK on it now too. But reading this guy's blog has me questioning the point of collecting HK...and I think I may retire from the game. I'll still love her, but from afar and no more bringing home any HK unless it's for our "little friends" and is age appropriate.

So here's this guys site Hello Kitty Hell

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I think I made a Faux Pas

Dear Faithful Readers,

I need your help on whether I messed up or not. Was it bad, so so, or I shouldn't give it another thought. I gave the ole Magic 8 Ball a shake and it wasn't a good outlook. I'm thinking about pulling out The Ouiga Board so I can ask the real Dear Abby (she's dead right?).

These are actual e-mails to my SIL about my Honey's B-day. These are the relevant bits. Background, Honey can't stand his BIL and they always send up in a debate about something, BIL won't let it go..he loves to debate. Husband gets frustrated and by the end of dinner at the same table in a restaurant Honey leaves pissed. Honey also said if BIL wasn't there for his birthday, the waiters could sing their loud embarrassing songs. Gasp..he's crossed to the other side..he hates that stuff but would be so thrilled about BIL not being there he'd do a table dance if he had to.

----- Original Message -----
From: SIL

I will be glad to participate any night or day you pick - just let me know. BIL
does play cards on Wednesday nights though.

-----Original Message-----
From: TTQ

Wed night Mimi's Cafe in Viera. BIL can still play cards, that will keep Husband and BIL from bickering

------Original Message -----
From: SIL
Are you talking about this Wednesday, the 25th? If so, what time? I must say your statement about Husband and BIL "bickering" kind of hurt. BIL likes Husband.


So what do you guys think? I did e-mail her and try to back pedal..all the same, I still feel bad.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I am exhausted, I had a good topic to blog about today but now that I sit down to write it my mind goes blank. It was a busy busy day. I still managed to read all my daily blogs. Now I am going to go crawl in bed and watch TV. Yep that's about all I can say, it's hard to make sentences sometimes. So how was/is your day?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I couldn't help myself

So I had to.. repeat had to... look up Ireland, Alec Baldwin's daughter. Just to see if she looked like Kelly Osborn, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.. She doesn't. She looks like a sweet Irish kid. Granted the pictures I found are like 18 months ago..but still. Oh and if he wants her respect, lets just say I don't think he earned it. Respect isn't some thing you are entitled to, you have to earn it. I would post the pictures but they were copyrighted and I had to respect that. But only cause it wouldn't let me snag or download the pictures without being a paid commercial customer or some kinda crap like that.

Alec's Daughter

Oh and he shouldn't let her play with Pam Anderson..just sayin.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

This Would Seal My Fate As A Spinster

I said would because I've been married for almost a year and with Honey for close to three years. Can you say SUCKER! Poor thing. He's pretty much okay with me being crazy, I'm okay with him being a freak. See? It works well. Alas back tothe story at hand. I drool now, I never use to drool. I'm not talking about drooling on my pillow, I was shopping yesterday and while pawing through a rack for my size (which by the way is one size smaller than it was last month even though the scale won't budge) I drooled..right on down to the floor, didn't even feel it coming. I quickly looked around to see if anybody noticed, nobody this is gonna be our little secret ok? Good.

Friday, April 20, 2007

This White Boy Can Sing!!

Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"

He Sings "I'm Yours"....and I sing "I Love You". Not really, he wouldn't be mine if I sang, cause my singing sucks.

Json Maraz "I'm Yours Lyrics"

Fuckity. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Hook, line and sinker. Again. Shocking huh? I'm going through withdrawels, I'm jumpy, I'm edgy, and frantic. What if I can never have it I look for something else..Do I keep trying without it? I've got alot of support, but it just isn't the same, I found myself glaring at three jackasses on the row of treadmills behind me, did they have to keep making that ruckus..why are the playing on the machines anyway..why are they setting the machine really fast to slide off without falling. Assholes. Someone should ask them to leave my glares weren't working. I sped up my speed so I made my distance and time a record for me because I wanted to get away from those jerks, but I didn't want to slack on my workout. It was hard enough to get myself there without my mojo that keeps my muscles pumpin. Dammit, where did I put it? I need it! Now! It's a sad sad day when you can't find your ipod and realize things at the gym just won't be the same.

I miss my ipod. *sniff*

I am sad. *pout*

I've been through the car, the house, asked at the gym, though I'm pretty sure I remember it being around my neck when I left the gym to go to the bank. Then it was straight home. *thinking*

Maybe I can go from a techie girl to a zen girl. Just get rid of everything, and listen to myself think..Oh wait I tried that, the voices came back and grew stronger. *crazy cuckoo*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Want One! I Want One! I Want One!

I saw the picture of a girl on a swing that glowed and decided I have to find out more about this, I could see my self having one of these. Wouldn't you like to kick off your sandals hop on a swing a see how far you can go? Now you could do it at night when you can't sleeep, or you want the wind in your hair and of ofcourse just feel like a kid again. Kicking your legs as fast and hard as your can, climbing higher and higher....So when I saw the pic above I followed the maze of links back to the company and lo and behold...Three for Three! How weird is that this company has a logo similar to the ones a few post down???

Band-Aids for Bumblers

I guess I've been slacking with my blogging. Wish I had something funny to give you, but I don't. The good news is that I haven't been curled up in my bed. Progress I guess. I've been to the gym everyday except for Tuesday. I've kept up with my volunteering commitments. Now that I think about it, I wrote a long post Tuesday afternoon about a sad situation that really hit home with me. I didn't publish it. I saved it as a draft. Not sure why, but like I said it really hit me hard. Today's volunteering really help me, maybe more so than the people we were there to help. I left with a good feeling from it. I've learned to take those moments and put them in the tiny front pockect of the pocket of a pair of jeans, then when I need to know that I can get through something, I pull it out. It must be a magic pocket cause it sure does hold alot, and all those bits and pieces usually out weigh whatever I'm trudging through. And if I can only find one cause I wore the wrong jeans, I lick it and use it as a band-aid till I can take care of it later. A Band-Aid doesn't cure anything but it sure does help staunch the outpouring. By the way I use Hello Kitty Band-Aids, I have a box at home, a box in the car and a box at my mom's. Yes, I am that clumsy and I have thin blood that doesn't clot. CSI would have a field day in my house. And my husband is also a B+! Which is why I married him of course!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Big Boy

This is Zeus. He's big and strong. He acts scary toward strangers but has nothin' but love for us. He loves to cuddle, he loves to lick us for as long as we let him. He's not the brightest crayon in the box, but I guess you can't always have brains and beauty. He knows enough to keep us happy and for some odd reason he knows the names of his toys and will bring you the one you ask for. Most of the time he spend just looking goofy at us like in the picture above. Loving him is uncomplicated and we take comfort in his being part of our family and our home. I wish that everything could be just that easy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

How Men Screw Up Romance

More on Addiction

I'm with a group of friends today at lunch and they were all sharing on their vices, it could be sugar, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, cookies, carbs..whatever you get the point and being powerless over the addiction.

When the oldest (and maybe the wisest) person in the group said "You know you aren't powerless over it if you don't put it in your mouth and swallow"

Immediately I start grinning. I'm not thinking about coffee, chocolate, alcohol or cigarettes at all. I look around the table and seem to be the only one who's mind has taken a trip into the gutter.

But, whatever. Ladies remember nothing has power over you if you don't put it in your mouth and swallow. *grin*

Saturday, April 14, 2007


A Carousel Horse Named: Love-A-Fair

Among all the things we did today, the small little fair was probably the highlight of our day. We saw lots of friends, ate really disgusting food and laughed a lot. Honey's other woman was there with us. I don't really mind that he is so in love with her, somehow he manages to make us each feel special. He always likes to point out that she looks at me in awe all of the time. I told him it's not awe it's jealousy! No really she loves you, she's always looking at you! That's only because she only sees me when we bring presents to her, she sees you a few times a week. Anyway it's time you readers meet the other woman. So I've posted a picture of her below.

The Other Woman

Friday, April 13, 2007

Alice In Wonderland Tempts Hitchock

In my Friday night web bumbling I found a new Swiss chocolate (Alice) found in a New York City store (Bblessing) . I followed all the links from the original posting to the chocolate shop to the store and lo and behold, I can see why this product appealed to them. See what I mean? If I had my cute little downtown village store here this is kinda how I would keep themes going.

Unprepared and Bumbling

Can you leave the house with everything you need? I can't something always gets left behind. Yesterday it was my cellphone, Wed. a check that I had to deposit, and today my ipod wasn't synched with two new playlists I spent all last night putting together. I charged it and clicked the buttons to sync, and never checked it. So I get to the gym, I'm on the treadmill setting it to my settings and scroll through my playlists, and damn if they aren't there. I was really looking forward to my workout with them too. How is it I can manage to fly to Europe and have everything I need (and more). Yet, I can't leave the house on a daily basis with the few things I need. Hell, sometimes I can't make it from the car to the locker room at the gym without having everything I need.

Oh and besides my ipod today I had a bill in the envelope which I folded and put in my wallet so I could drop it at the post office w/o forgetting it. I forgot to stop at the post office.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another addiction to feed

I'm hooked. A junkie. I stay up all hours of the night to search for more hoping that I haven't missed one last bit that maybe I overlooked before. I've got four sources for my new love, just in case, to make sure I don't run out. This is my vice forsaking all the others for now, until the honeymoon is over and I have to find something new to reach the same intensity. I just can't help myself.

Yes, I'm addicted to The Sopranos. I'm aware that it's been out for years and years, but I've been a bit busy and just got introduced to it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Desktop Meme

What's on your desktop? Leave me a comment so I can come see!

visualized world peace

Honey: Were there peas in the stirfry we had last night?

Me: Yes, why?

Honey: I thought I just saw one go down when I flushed.

so ok, it was really a whirled pea not "World Peace"

Monday, April 09, 2007


Ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts. Either my whole world is about to explode or i'm going to have one hell of an anxiety attack. Logic tells me it is an anxiety attack for which I have just taken a xanax for, but my hands are still shaking and my heartbeat is revved up to about 150bpm. Still another part of my mind is screaming "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" and a shitload of chickens are going to be running around my backyard with their heads cut off. really, I can actually see this vividly in my mind, but it's not as horrible as it sounds, it's more a 'looney tunes' version.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter, My Keester!

The freaking Easter Bunny did not stop at my house today. Can you say pissed off? I was expecting the much coveted gold plastic eggs filled with jewels and a basket full of Godiva. Oh and a nice tulip floral arrangement. I got two dougnuts and a cup of coffee. That sucks eggs. Which by the way are all in the fridge white and unboiled. I asked my husband why no Easter Bunny? He said it never occured to him to get me anything..I said what about the Easter Bunny? Are you going to tell me that there isn't Easter Bunny? No, i'm not telling you that. Where does he live? In a hole of course! Where else would one live, besides my house if the Easter Bunny had been nice enough to bestow me one of his spawn. Right about now, I should be holding my stomach and cursing the Easter Bunny for bring so much candy while introducing a fuzzy little bunny to our home. After which I would climb into bed with my new bunny and fall into a sugar induced coma until time for Brunch, you know the big champagne Sunday Brunches where they make waffles and omelets to order, have big steaming roasts of meat, and everything you can imagine under the sun, you stay for a few hours and waddle out like an Easter Chick who was just born because you had to try everything...

So basically none of the above came true this year. We are headed out for an Easter egg hunt and BBQ. An Easter BBQ! And apparently adults aren't allowed to swipe the eggs up before the kids find them..

Oh well Happy Easter!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!!!! Hop to it!

Things heard in my house

Gription- meaning traction with grip.

Honey: Don't you think we need these tub things for gription? You leave the bathtub like an icy sidewalk.

Me: I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Later on I'm folding laundry and it occurs to me that gription isn't a real word, it's just something we say all the time that I had to stop and think about.

On Our Address:

Friend calls: I need your address for my annual security background check. (I'm thinking ... they want Honey to do this???)

Honey: OK, got a pen? Yeah? 1122, yes 1122. Boogie Boogie Avenue.

Friend: Dammit! I was writing that down!

Honey: You'll be lucky if you can get a job at a Temp service after they call me.

Later on picking up the paper at the 7-11, I notice a display of 7-11 job opportunities. Handy little cards that say "Now hiring", a job booklet including an application and some other propaganda. I grab one of each to pass onto friend, just in case.....

I can't stop saying 1122 Boogie Boogie Avenue. Say it! It's fun, like Bung-a-low. Or Pump-kin. you know you want to say it... SOUP-EEEEERRRRR !

Friday, April 06, 2007

New Tori Amos

Tori Amos New Album

Introducing CLYDE from the American Doll Posse:

Hear New Music:
Hear Clyde's "Bouncing Off Clouds" from the forthcoming album American Doll Posse - available May 1st.
Bouncing Off Clouds

You can read Clyde's blog at: Clyde Speaks

Clyde, who draws from Persephone, wears her emotional wounds on her sleeve, but remains idealistic. She is looking at the effects of not being a whole person. She is trying to figure out what she believes in and she is dealing with having been disappointed in her life.

Be sure to check your email in-box next week. We will be introducing you to a new girl from American Doll Posse each week.

For all the latest on Tori & the American Doll Posse, visit
Tori Amos.Com
Tori on Myspace

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Copyright © 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. All rights reserved.
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Used To Love These Commercials

And the Christmas Version


If you're gonna destroy something, do it in style.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I returned all my dreary books to the library and exchanged them for something a little more light-hearted like psychological thrillers. No more whiny tortured novels. If being married means I had to give up my dark and brooding angst ridden self....I'll try to remember that it is not just me who has to live with me (now if I could only find the "off" button) . And for anybody who has had to live with me, well oops, I didn't know then what I know now. My BIL loves to remind me of way back when I lived with sis and him and I got mad at him for breathing. Apparently I said through clenched teeth.. "Can. You. Please. Stop. Breathing." He finds this funny now and I'm sure he found it funny then, which probably incited me further. I'm sure my feet were stamped and I huffed and pouted.

My neighbor's mailboxes are still intact, I took Honey's Explorer to the library. He wouldn't find mowing down mailboxes funny. Go figure. I find it highly amusing to park MY car in all sorts of ways just to see the look on his face when he walks in from work. Like right up to the garage without actually going through the garage door. Or four feet from the actual right side of the driveway. My backing into the driveway looks like I'm coming out of doing doughnuts in the middle of a field late at night.

Our message button was blinking on the phone. Honey said who called? I dunno, I don't usually look for the light on the phone. It was my psychiatrist confirming my appt for tomorrow. I could almost see Honey doing a freaking Happy Dance in his head.

See I can laugh at myself now THAT proves I'm not crazy. I just gotta keep smiling and nodding until after my appt tomorrow, I don't want any white-coated men being summoned to come take me away. That doesn't sound fun, now does it? Of course it doesn't. If it was fun everybody would be doing it.


You know that teeny tiny little screw that holds a pair of glasses together? Such a small little screw, but if it gets loose the whole pair of glasses is eyepiece floating on top of your cheek, unless you get it fixed it's not worth trying to wear them until you get it fixed. I think I had such a screw in my head work it's way does it get so stripped that is easily slips out?

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your car was a bowling ball and the mailboxes in your neighborhood were pins? How far could you go? Would a mailbox get stuck under the car, would all the people come running out of their houses? Would it be noisy? A quiet thud?

I feel like cooking.