Monday, April 16, 2007

More on Addiction

I'm with a group of friends today at lunch and they were all sharing on their vices, it could be sugar, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, cookies, carbs..whatever you get the point and being powerless over the addiction.

When the oldest (and maybe the wisest) person in the group said "You know you aren't powerless over it if you don't put it in your mouth and swallow"

Immediately I start grinning. I'm not thinking about coffee, chocolate, alcohol or cigarettes at all. I look around the table and seem to be the only one who's mind has taken a trip into the gutter.

But, whatever. Ladies remember nothing has power over you if you don't put it in your mouth and swallow. *grin*


Manic Mom said...

My mind works EXACTLY the same way yours does TTQ! Totally cracking up! Maybe if I put that in my mouth more often, I would be so chunky!!

THanks for the sweet comment at Manic's about my parents anniv!

Swishy said...

Um, hello! I thought the SAME EXACT THING! ha ha ha ha.

I think you mean WOULDN'T be chunky, Manic (not that you are!). It doesn't have THAT many calories ... ha haha h ha.

TTQ said...

I guess we are on our own here! I still think it's funny a day later.

Frannie Farmer said...

Oh you aren't on your own -- I am totally cracking up!!
I also wanted to say that I looked at some of your flickr photos and they are fantastic - you have some serious talent.

Hello from Julia said...

mmmm chocolate... the hardest thing to keep out of my mouth, for sure. but interesting... thx for your comment on my blog. it's really fun doing and i highly encourage it! your blog is nice, i love the layout and your profile pic is gorgeous. i'll check your photos and come back. let me know if you'd like to cross-link. have a great weekend. -julia