Friday, April 13, 2007

Unprepared and Bumbling

Can you leave the house with everything you need? I can't something always gets left behind. Yesterday it was my cellphone, Wed. a check that I had to deposit, and today my ipod wasn't synched with two new playlists I spent all last night putting together. I charged it and clicked the buttons to sync, and never checked it. So I get to the gym, I'm on the treadmill setting it to my settings and scroll through my playlists, and damn if they aren't there. I was really looking forward to my workout with them too. How is it I can manage to fly to Europe and have everything I need (and more). Yet, I can't leave the house on a daily basis with the few things I need. Hell, sometimes I can't make it from the car to the locker room at the gym without having everything I need.

Oh and besides my ipod today I had a bill in the envelope which I folded and put in my wallet so I could drop it at the post office w/o forgetting it. I forgot to stop at the post office.


Swishy said...

I do that all the time! I also always go to the store and without fail forget one thing. Drives me crazy!

not-so-emo said...

try driving 3 and a half hours and running out of gas, only to realize you had left your bank card at home. THAT was almost a disaster.

TTQ said...

Swish- It is annoying. I forgot toothpaste today! I was just in there squeezing it to death.

not-so-emo- Also at Target today I couldn't find my bankcard..Had to use the trusty amex which I hate to do.

soapy t said...

i beat myself of this stuff all the time. ALL THE TIME!!!