Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh please tell me it's not true.

What I am about to blog about, may change your previous ideas of me. In fact you may want to vomit, but I gotta come clean.

Hello, my name is TTQ and I am a recovering Hello Kitty fanatic. I love Hello Kitty, maybe because she was born the same year I was born and she is still alive and kicking. Dominating and running rampant on any type of merchandise you can imagine. As Honey says, For something that never existed in my life before you came along, I see that damn Hello Kitty everywhere, and I mean every wear! He's pretty good about putting up with it, maybe because I keep the majority of it unopened and in a box (or two) hidden well from site. I think it's time I stop collecting, I mean really what am I going to do with stuff? Sell it on ebay? I don't have an urge to get into the whole selling stuff on ebay thing, even though I have tons of things that could make me some money, but with the money I would just buy new and different crap. Catch 22 huh?

Anyway back to kicking the HK habit, I stumbled across a guy's blog that chronicles his wife's obsession with HK. I'm gonna have to shoot myself if I ever let my bathroom look like theirs, she has gone beyond a few pieces on her desk or in her purse. I love HK notepads, I use them not store them. And I can count three things on my desk that have HK on it, which isn't too bad mixed in with all the other things on my desk (including a live cat in a little sofa). Oh and my desktop has HK on it now too. But reading this guy's blog has me questioning the point of collecting HK...and I think I may retire from the game. I'll still love her, but from afar and no more bringing home any HK unless it's for our "little friends" and is age appropriate.

So here's this guys site Hello Kitty Hell


Frannie Farmer said...

Ok, that is more than a litle overboard - but I do think the keyboard is cute!

soapy t said...

oh my. i just mentioned the other day that i hate adult woman obsessed with hello kitty. then again i am crazy about barbie dolls.

honeykbee said...

As if it wasn't bad enough that I ador and keep (and by "keep" I mean "horde") Hello Kitty band aids, when bf sliced his finger open while making dinner the other day they were all I had around to dress the booboo, I mean, manly gaping wound. Boy, was he ever pleased.