Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter, My Keester!

The freaking Easter Bunny did not stop at my house today. Can you say pissed off? I was expecting the much coveted gold plastic eggs filled with jewels and a basket full of Godiva. Oh and a nice tulip floral arrangement. I got two dougnuts and a cup of coffee. That sucks eggs. Which by the way are all in the fridge white and unboiled. I asked my husband why no Easter Bunny? He said it never occured to him to get me anything..I said what about the Easter Bunny? Are you going to tell me that there isn't Easter Bunny? No, i'm not telling you that. Where does he live? In a hole of course! Where else would one live, besides my house if the Easter Bunny had been nice enough to bestow me one of his spawn. Right about now, I should be holding my stomach and cursing the Easter Bunny for bring so much candy while introducing a fuzzy little bunny to our home. After which I would climb into bed with my new bunny and fall into a sugar induced coma until time for Brunch, you know the big champagne Sunday Brunches where they make waffles and omelets to order, have big steaming roasts of meat, and everything you can imagine under the sun, you stay for a few hours and waddle out like an Easter Chick who was just born because you had to try everything...

So basically none of the above came true this year. We are headed out for an Easter egg hunt and BBQ. An Easter BBQ! And apparently adults aren't allowed to swipe the eggs up before the kids find them..

Oh well Happy Easter!!


kjamaupin said...

Awww, Easter Bunny skipped our house too this year! :-( Oh well, Happy Easter anyway....

KIM :-)

Anonymous said...

The Easter Bunny made a half-hearted effort @ the Farmer house - but the adults were NOT included and Frannie was a wee bit miffed as well.
(Although I did steal a few jelly belly's from AngelBaby's basket)
Frannie Farmer