Friday, April 20, 2007

Fuckity. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Hook, line and sinker. Again. Shocking huh? I'm going through withdrawels, I'm jumpy, I'm edgy, and frantic. What if I can never have it I look for something else..Do I keep trying without it? I've got alot of support, but it just isn't the same, I found myself glaring at three jackasses on the row of treadmills behind me, did they have to keep making that ruckus..why are the playing on the machines anyway..why are they setting the machine really fast to slide off without falling. Assholes. Someone should ask them to leave my glares weren't working. I sped up my speed so I made my distance and time a record for me because I wanted to get away from those jerks, but I didn't want to slack on my workout. It was hard enough to get myself there without my mojo that keeps my muscles pumpin. Dammit, where did I put it? I need it! Now! It's a sad sad day when you can't find your ipod and realize things at the gym just won't be the same.

I miss my ipod. *sniff*

I am sad. *pout*

I've been through the car, the house, asked at the gym, though I'm pretty sure I remember it being around my neck when I left the gym to go to the bank. Then it was straight home. *thinking*

Maybe I can go from a techie girl to a zen girl. Just get rid of everything, and listen to myself think..Oh wait I tried that, the voices came back and grew stronger. *crazy cuckoo*


meno said...

You need an ipod that has one of those beeping thingies, like when i can't find the phone.

thethinker said...

I can't function without my iPod. I can sympathize with you.

Frannie Farmer said...

Funny, when I was thinking of posting a few days ago - I wanted to use your exact title (minus the "ity") but I am signed up w/a few blogging groups that would frown - so I just said it over and over until I felt better.
I don't have an iPod - I am sure if I did I would be addicted, but I totally get the edgy, jumpy, skin crawling feeling. I had it when I went off my AD meds. ICK!
Feel better sweets!!

kimberlie said...

Good luck with finding it! I have never used an ipod- have been considering it though.

Swishy said...

Ughhh! I would DIE!!! Good luck :)

TTQ said...

Sure when I was looking forward something told me not to do it and I listened, I knew the damn thing has to be in the house, I can lose anything ..Mommy said buy one of those clicker things/beeping locators..
Plus I don't want to buy a new one, I just had the girl brought in for a makover including the arm band, lanyard, clip and a aluminum case.......allin one deal from Loots more than youfind at the store for that price