Saturday, April 21, 2007

This Would Seal My Fate As A Spinster

I said would because I've been married for almost a year and with Honey for close to three years. Can you say SUCKER! Poor thing. He's pretty much okay with me being crazy, I'm okay with him being a freak. See? It works well. Alas back tothe story at hand. I drool now, I never use to drool. I'm not talking about drooling on my pillow, I was shopping yesterday and while pawing through a rack for my size (which by the way is one size smaller than it was last month even though the scale won't budge) I drooled..right on down to the floor, didn't even feel it coming. I quickly looked around to see if anybody noticed, nobody this is gonna be our little secret ok? Good.


kimberlie said...

hahaha, you drooled! Sometimes i drool in my sleep but not (yet)has it occured in public places. How funny. Once again- you drooled!


Frannie Farmer said...

I think it comes with age.
Or medication that is too strong :O)
Frannie has been known to drool as well ... shhhh don't tell.