Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I think I made a Faux Pas

Dear Faithful Readers,

I need your help on whether I messed up or not. Was it bad, so so, or I shouldn't give it another thought. I gave the ole Magic 8 Ball a shake and it wasn't a good outlook. I'm thinking about pulling out The Ouiga Board so I can ask the real Dear Abby (she's dead right?).

These are actual e-mails to my SIL about my Honey's B-day. These are the relevant bits. Background, Honey can't stand his BIL and they always send up in a debate about something, BIL won't let it go..he loves to debate. Husband gets frustrated and by the end of dinner at the same table in a restaurant Honey leaves pissed. Honey also said if BIL wasn't there for his birthday, the waiters could sing their loud embarrassing songs. Gasp..he's crossed to the other side..he hates that stuff but would be so thrilled about BIL not being there he'd do a table dance if he had to.

----- Original Message -----
From: SIL

I will be glad to participate any night or day you pick - just let me know. BIL
does play cards on Wednesday nights though.

-----Original Message-----
From: TTQ

Wed night Mimi's Cafe in Viera. BIL can still play cards, that will keep Husband and BIL from bickering

------Original Message -----
From: SIL
Are you talking about this Wednesday, the 25th? If so, what time? I must say your statement about Husband and BIL "bickering" kind of hurt. BIL likes Husband.


So what do you guys think? I did e-mail her and try to back pedal..all the same, I still feel bad.


Swishy said...

I don't think you should feel bad at all! You can still bicker with someone if you like them!

meno said...

you are fine. But since SIL said she was "hurt", apologize for that.

BIL may seriously think that Honey enjoys the bickering (or what he sees as debating.) It's sorta up to Honey to say "Oh, that's enough, let's enjoy the evening."

Frannie Farmer said...

My thought is that SIL & BIL probably have similar conversations about BIL & honey getting along - but SIL might not be prepared to admit that. Which is ok.
I agree w/meno- apologize if you mistakenly hurt her feelings and move on ... she should be able to do the same.

soapy t said...

my sister always taught me you don't have to like anyone you don't want to. i don't know if this helps, but it alwyas made me feel better.

TTQ said...

I did apologize right after I opened her e-mail..I told her it wasn't my intention to hurt her feelings and I was sorry If I did.

I'm ok with BIL, he's not my fav BIL but he treats me with respect and love all the same. I try to give him the same in return. I think Honey and BIL are just becoming grumpy old men..with nothing better to do when the family gets together. Oh well, I'm done beating myself up over it. Thanks for the input it's always good to get outside opinions...

TTQ said...

Oh and Meno..Honey has tried that.. He will flat out say I don't want to talk about this anymore.. let it go.. but maybe just adding the let's enjoy the evening part might help.