Saturday, April 07, 2007

Things heard in my house

Gription- meaning traction with grip.

Honey: Don't you think we need these tub things for gription? You leave the bathtub like an icy sidewalk.

Me: I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Later on I'm folding laundry and it occurs to me that gription isn't a real word, it's just something we say all the time that I had to stop and think about.

On Our Address:

Friend calls: I need your address for my annual security background check. (I'm thinking ... they want Honey to do this???)

Honey: OK, got a pen? Yeah? 1122, yes 1122. Boogie Boogie Avenue.

Friend: Dammit! I was writing that down!

Honey: You'll be lucky if you can get a job at a Temp service after they call me.

Later on picking up the paper at the 7-11, I notice a display of 7-11 job opportunities. Handy little cards that say "Now hiring", a job booklet including an application and some other propaganda. I grab one of each to pass onto friend, just in case.....

I can't stop saying 1122 Boogie Boogie Avenue. Say it! It's fun, like Bung-a-low. Or Pump-kin. you know you want to say it... SOUP-EEEEERRRRR !

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Cyd said...

Gription -- you should patent that. Or at least get

Is Boogie Boogie Avenue from a song? Must be before my time (and I'm ancient, I know). So catchy.