Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Want One! I Want One! I Want One!

I saw the picture of a girl on a swing that glowed and decided I have to find out more about this, I could see my self having one of these. Wouldn't you like to kick off your sandals hop on a swing a see how far you can go? Now you could do it at night when you can't sleeep, or you want the wind in your hair and of ofcourse just feel like a kid again. Kicking your legs as fast and hard as your can, climbing higher and higher....So when I saw the pic above I followed the maze of links back to the company and lo and behold...Three for Three! How weird is that this company has a logo similar to the ones a few post down???


Swishy said...

I LOVE swings!!

Cyd said...

And that is such a cool picture.