Thursday, April 26, 2007

Showing you Some Love

So. Here. We. Are. Again. It's down to the wire. Will I post an entry before midninght or not? I like to think of my writing the same way I do about the gym. Somedays, it's like just go, do 10 mins and then leave, you will stay in your routine if nothing else ( Never actually quit at 10 mins). So. I. Go. And this is where the writing comes in, it's always nawing at the back of my head, most stories get lost on the way home. But I open up blogger and post. Sometimes, pictures, sometimes gossip, sometime parts of me and of course Youtube clips (Yay for Youtube!). I also like popping a techie toy in mix. I am the trail mix of the computer generation, all little bits & pieces that are ok on their own, but when you put those bits together, pour some mixture over it and bake it. WOW! It works! I did that! I didn't read the instructions. I just relaxed and went for it! We were having bets on how long Iwould keep blogging..which by the way is almost my Blog's B-Day. I think I've missed three weeks in a years ,they were all vacations without "puters on purpose. Don't get me wrong I'm not chained to my chair by any means, I will hop up and to go do something fun. But I really love my blog and my readers who comment. They make me happy

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Swishy said...

My bloggie birthday is coming up soon, too. We should have a party!