Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My honey asked that he be taken out of this picture..he was chewing on a bit of pizza.. this is our "adopted" daughter who we are kind enough to let live with her real parents. See we are just way too coll, don't ya think? It is her birthday and we were celebrating that with presents, pizza and of course cake and ice cream. (She doesn't like cake, she must be picking up bad habits with her real 'rents)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ramblin Rose has tagged me... I have to share 5 interesting things about myself.

1) I've been deported from England and was banned for 2 years. When I went back for just a vacation it was 5 years to the exact date, which was so not planned. Don't worry it wasn't terrorist activity. Wrong visa, um.. well lack of visa, who knew?

2) I've dated an Opera Singer. He introduced me to dating that included fine dining , good wine and great concerts in Palm Beach. Kinda of a let down when I got into the real dating pool after that. *sigh*

3) I'm a mess. But I'm working on it. C.E.R.T.I.F.I.A.B.L.E, really I have the discharge papers tucked in my purse , you know just in case.

4) I can fix anything technology wise in the house. Not like I've broken anything though, well there was that fork and toaster incident, but I digress.

5) Real people scare me. You guys on the other hand I L.O.V.E, I mean it, I heart you guys. In real life I seem outwardly cool and collected ( hahahahahahaha), yet inside I'm scared to death to meet new people, especially if I'm the only one new to a group. And what freaks them out more is when I freak out and have an anxiety attack. I turn pale, lose the ability to make sense and sweat cold sweat in a 50 degree room. And of course that would be on the day that I left my pills in another purse.

I am going to tag:
Leigh Ann
Cub Mommy
Fun with blood pressure machines. Strange hobby #357

My husband has outrageously high blood pressure which he treats with medication. I have ridiculously low blood pressure which is compounded by two medications that are often used to treat congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. My Dr would like to get me off the medications but we can't find a happy medium, so we stick with it. Every so often I skip a dose or two and monitor my conditions and keep a log of what I ate, low sodium, no sodium or normal sodium intakes. Today marks four doses skipped, I have put on 7.5 pounds in water and my blood pressure is creeping up it was 99 over 63. Which really flips out the people waiting on prescriptions in the pharmacy. Today they started saying the machine must be broken, I said nope looks dead on to me, I skipped my meds and my blood pressure is now high for me. 85 over 54 is about normal for me. Most people will faint when blood pressure is that low, but that's not an issue for me. Tomorrow I'll start my meds again, gaining 7.5 lbs in a about 36 hours sucks.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Meme's are alive!!! muhahahahaha!

Propagating through evolution of natural selection. Catch-phrases never sounded so intellegent!

From Wikipedia (of course)

The term "meme" (IPA: [miːm], not [mɛm], or [mimi]), coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, refers to a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another. Dawkins said, Examples of memes are tunes, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. A meme propagates itself as a unit of cultural evolution and diffusion — analogous in many ways to the behavior of the gene (the unit of genetic information). Often memes propagate as more-or-less integrated cooperative sets or groups, referred to as memeplexes or meme-complexes.

The idea of memes has proved a successful meme in its own right, achieving a degree of penetration into popular culture rare for a scientific theory.
Proponents of memes suggest that memes evolve via natural selection — in a way very similar to Charles Darwin's ideas concerning biological evolution — on the premise that variation, mutation, competition, and "inheritance" influence their replicative success. For example, while one idea may become extinct, other ideas will survive, spread and mutate — for better or for worse — through modification.

Meme-theorists contend that memes most beneficial to their hosts will not necessarily survive; rather, those memes which replicate the most effectively spread best; which allows for the possibility that successful memes might prove detrimental to their hosts.
You ever notice that blogger has the weirdest word verifications? I think somebody must have a a great sense of humor. I know they are probably computer generated but some of them are just really kinda sexual, or just freaking funny as hell. Where do i sign up for that job, I could sit here all day and scramble dirty words and add a letter or two. Sigh. All the good jobs are taken, that's why I'm a stay at home wife.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

So I let Crazy take a spin
Then I let Crazy settle in
Kicked off my shoes
Shut reason out

To the line
Through the dawn
To the light
To the turn
When you said
You could drive all night
Drive all night

So I let Crazy pull me in
Then I let Crazy take his spin
Kicked off my shoes
Shut reason out
He said "first let's just unzip your religion down"
Heard that you were once Temptation's Girl"

And as soon
as you have
rearranged the
mess in your head
He will show up looking
perfectly sane
If I know Crazy

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wow, Blogger is back up for me. I've been trying to post since last night. Why is that when you can't post you always come up the bestest ever post topics?
Here's a quick list:

1)Watched the launch of the Delta rocket last night from my backyard. Played with my new camera in the dark on the night setting. That post was suppose to come complete with pics.

2) My doberman is like an old person, they don't apologize for farting, nor do they giggle, nor do they say "hey, come smell this one! It's a good one!". Zeus is just like that, no apologies, he sits his long body down and a very loud ppffffffffttttttt noise escapes. I swear the beagle gets a kick out of his farts, which are by far the smelliest but totally silent. He just kinda looks likes he is grinning everytime.

3) I got called an effin asshole among other things from a lunatic driver who did not appreciate my diligence in going the speed limit, I switched lanes to HIS lane, he followed my bumper, then swerved to stop next to me at a light. Where he proceeded to call me an asshole, an idiot, and ask if I was drunk. Oh and he wanted to know if i was stuipd, if I am stuipd how would i know, I'm stupid remember? I just shrugged and said I'm sorry again like i did when he started following my bumper. See cause i'm not sorry he has anger issues, i'm sorry he has to yell at strangers to get his fury out.

4) Why was Grey's Anatomy repeats tonight? I know the World Series has been on...honey has been listening to the radio under the covers so I can watch tv in the bedroom with him.

5) My sister sent an e-mail to my mom saying she read about the incident downstairs in my blog. Is that a breach of sisterhood? I've mentioned this before, only two people I know in person read my blog. I like it like that for now. Luckily my mom hasn't asked me about my blog. My husband one night told her I was busy blogging, and she said What's that? He told her he has no idea. He does but he also knows how I feel about people I know reading it. And he respects that.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am putting shoes on for the first time in months..I had to find socks too. And a sweatshirt. It'll probably hit 85 today even though it's freezing now. For us anyway. Should I tell the lady at the bank to use her anti-bacterial lotion after my transaction? I don't want her to get sick.
Why oh why do I have to be stuck exactley 8 miles between Starbucks??? Can you tell I'm uber excited about leaving the house?????

And that is 8 miles either direction to a Starbucks... not 4 miles..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We have been married four months today!

I love him more and more everyday !

Monday, October 23, 2006

Feeling like a hottie snotty mean girl who just got her ass kicked. I'm talking about the flu, not the movie Mean Girls. I'll be back when when I'm not so hot, cranky and drippy. Sweet dreams everybody.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm going to post an e-mail my mom sent me. Usually we IM, but I guess she just needed to vent uninterrupted via an e-mail. Which is cool too. She's a very strong person, but I think this really hit home for her on a few different levels. A few years ago, I was very sick and lived alone and this could have been me. Somehow I managed to call 911 on a few occasions.

Here is her e-mail:

This morning as I was getting ready for work I heard a terrible screaming in the hallway for help. I went out and it was Lisa downstairs. She had just come back from staying with her daughter for four days and the newborn baby. She tried to open the front door and couldn't but saw a pool of blood. My phone was dead, it won't charge, I couldn't call 911 on her phone--it kept asking for an area code. I pounded on Fran's door and yelled at her to call 911. I tried to open the front door to see if he was conscious and when I called his name he didn't answer. I felt his back and it was cold. She kept asking if he was dead. I could only tell her he was not answering. She was hysterical sitting on the floor of the hall. I was able to get through to her daughter and tell her to come over immediately. Frank went by and I yelled to him to call 911 again. They finally, arrived and just took a look and we knew then that he really was dead. Then her daughter came with a three week old baby and everyone was hysterical. Then more police arrived and tried to get statements. Lisa's sister arrived and took charge. She works at Wuesthoff and talked to the police and took the baby in her arms. A very strong person. When I finally left to go to work there were three police cars, a huge fire truck, police and a photographer. They were able to enter through the sliding glass doors to see what was going on but none of us went in. No one seems to know what happened. I assume they took him out through the sliding glass doors. It was very traumatic. An experience I would not like to have again.

She also found out that dialing a 9 only on your cell phone WILL NOT call 911. The man is younger than her, they are in their 50's, and Mom is going to be 70 soon.

As of today we still don't know what happened to him, his obit just ran yesterday. It's a small town in many ways so I guess we will find out soon.

Friday, October 20, 2006

WTF?! Real life actor T.R. Night otherwise known as George on Grey's Anatomy is gay. Never saw that one coming, good thing Callie broke up with him before he dumped her for McSteamy.

Sorry ladies, he's just not into you
Fried Coke? No, it's not a new lingo for crack ho's.

Coming soon to County Fair near you. Do you live for the greasy funnel cakes, the fresh cotton candy and sausage and pepper sandwiches? You might be in for a new culinary delight. Gelatinous coke only better... mmmm makes me want to try it right away.

Fried Coke
Grey's Anatomy Prediction: Preston takes over as Chief and Richard retires.

Grey's Writers

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Garden party

I'm sitting in my lounge chair while honey is going through his garden. The weather is beautiful out tonight not hot, low humidty. The dogs are are racing in circles and a balmy breeze sways the palm trees. I was hoping that the cherry tomatoes had really started producing, I ate three yesterday, and there is no way I'm spending $4.00 a pint for the ones from the grocery store after tasting the ones from our garden. It's been a few months since we had them, I guess you have to pull out the plants twice a year and restart them. Honey brings me two long cucumbers. They have funny little bumps on them that are sharp, but not hair like cactus pricks. they remind me of blackheads, I scraped every single one of both the cucumbers with my nail as not to damage the skin. Now they are smooth and silky.

I hold up a rather large one and declare "This reminds me of you"
"Stop" is his reply
"Why? It does, it's not like I held up this one and said it reminds me of you" referring to one that is withered on one end and all crooked.
"You better start eating the kale" he says
"ok, I'll make kale and potatoe soup."

I push my self off the lounge chair and bring the cucumbers into the kitchen.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hobbies of the moment (not including blogging): Photography and Baking

This is second time I have used this pan. This one is cranberry orange muffin mixed angel food cake. Instead of adding the cranberries to the mix I put them in the center of the pan and then poured the batter over it. I wasn't all that happy about the way it looked so I added dried roses in the center for a better visual effect. The next one I will use a yellow cake mix, add chocolate chips to the center one by one so they are facing up the right way with yellow icing on the petals, and green icing on the background. But I want to find the best cake that keeps the edges crisp and 3d.

Me: I have a twitchy eye.
Honey : How long?
Me: All day
Honey: Really?
Me: You wanna feel it?
Honey: (places his finger by my eye) Ewww
Me: Is it really twitchy? You can feel it?!
Honey: Yeah, your eyelash.

You ever get the twitchy eye when you have alot on your mind?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Breyer's Dora the Explorer Ice Cream. Strawberry sherbert swirled with low fat banana ice cream. 2 grams of fat per serving. Not as disgusting as you might think.

Nightmares again, at least I haven't thrown myself out of bed again. 3:01 am eastern standard time. I have an appt. with my psychiatrist at 10:30am, hopefully he can give me an idea of how to deal with these better. Maybe its because the past few nights I went to bed early. I often stay up and till I can't possibly keep my eyes open any longer. This bites. Seriously. Maybe I should embrace all things that go bump in the night. I must be all dark and twisty inside ( I think that phrase came from Meredith on Grey's Anatomy)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nightmares woke me up again. Now, I'm wide awake. It's 3:14 am eastern time. Probably nothing good on tv, I should take my time showering, getting dressed and drive out to the beach and take a walk along the shore.

I can get lost in the flow of the Cape employees going in for the 7am shift. I will seem like a part of the workers and I can pretend I'm on my way into work until I park my car in one of the smaller parks that dot the coast in between highrises and hotels. The sand will feel cool on my feet and I'll probably not make it in time for the sunrise. But it will give me a peaceful place to think and say a few prayers.

I'll take my camera, maybe I'll get lucky in seeing a sea turtle climbing back from the shallow waves to find a nice dune to settle in and sun himself for the day after a night of mating in the ocean. I smile when I think of a bumber sticker the turtle comission put out a few years ago. "Turtles Do It In The Dark", I had it pinned on a cork board in my old office.

Friday, October 13, 2006

These pics are outta sequence and a continuation of the blog post "Do you shut the door when you are in the bathroom?"

Fletch comes in when I go and sit down.

Babyfred is usually hanging out in the basket or on the counter.

Zeus is always the last one in, poor baby get lonely, this is a small bathroom, it gets crowded fast. Honey even comes in from time to time. I know TMI.
I see you kitty kitty...
So, I'll slap the s#@! outta you Mister.

Remember when I asked the question:
"Do you leave the bathroom door open or shut while in it?"
Well, I HAVE to. Otherwise there is scratching and whining..
Don't worry, I'm not actually peeing,
I have my shorts on and am sitting on the lid. Just thought that would make
you feel better to know that.

I'm comin' in, I feel all by myself out here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Actual Doormat at TTQ's house.
Everybody needs a doormat to walk on.
It's Thursday! We all know what that means!!! Ready, set, tivo!

Bumble, Bumble toil and trouble.....

Oh wait, that's MacBeth Scene 4 when all the witches gather around the cauldren...
Double, double toil and trouble;Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
but everyone seems to mistakenly remember it best when misquoted as "Boil, boil, toil and trouble"

Bumble Bumble who's got the bumble?

Crap, that's a kids game.. Button, Button..Who's got the button??

I'm a little Bumble Bee short and fat..

The hell with that one, I may be short, but I'm not fat! I'm curvy, voluptious, a real women. Like the way Merideth described Callie on Grey's Anatomy..
Besides that's a teapot not a bumble bee..

Surely there must be a song using the word Bumble. I need a soundtrack for my blog, something catchy for me remember and hum. Kinda like a Theme song.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whoops! While primping my template last night, I made some changes that may have been a bit taxing on Blogger. So I have taken out a few by trial and error. Did you try to read my blog earlier today and if so what happened? Did it load ok? Did you see a gazillion flickr collage boxes? Did it just seem to take forever, you got bored and said screw that blog...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Justice's new hue
Sheriff's pink duds have inmates vowing to reform
By MATT PHINNEY, or 659-8253
October 8, 2006

MASON - Three county inmates in the jail here lay on their bunks, not saying much.
They wore pink jumpsuits and pink slippers, and one was wrapped up in pink sheets. They were surrounded by pink bars and pink walls.
They were not comfortable.
Despite the cramped condition of the tiny jail, the inmates said sitting there was better than working outside, where they might be seen by people they know. Using pink uniforms in a pink jail is a small step to deter inmates from ever wanting to spend more time in the Mason County Jail, a jail that might be getting too old to operate, said Sheriff Clint Low.
''The county would have more inmate labor without them,'' said one inmate, who did not want to be identified.
''I'm not going outside in these things. It's a good deterrent because I don't want to wear them anymore.''
''You can make that two,'' another inmate said from a different cell.
''You can probably make it three or four,'' the inmate added.
That's exactly Low's point.
Low bought pink jumpsuits soon after taking office in 2005 and painted the jail pink about eight months ago. The jumpsuits are to keep inmates from coming back to jail, and the pink walls are designed to keep tempers and emotions cool in a jail that is tiny by today's standards.
Even if it helps a little, keeps just a few inmates from returning to the Mason County Jail, Low said, it's a success.
Mason County, with about 3,800 residents, is about 100 miles southeast of San Angelo. The jail is in Mason, the county seat.
Low got the idea of pink jumpsuits from a sheriff in Arizona, Joe Arpaio, who bought pink boxers to keep inmates from stealing the underwear and other clothing. In Mason, Low dyed the jumpsuits and slippers pink, and the color later bled to sheets, underwear and other articles during washings
Low, who was a deputy in Mason before being elected sheriff, estimated the re-offense rate in the county is down 70 percent since he switched to pink jumpsuits for the inmates. He also said there have been no fights between inmates in the jail since it was painted.
''I wanted to stop re-offenders,'' Low said. ''They don't want to wear them. Working inmates get a choice to work outside or sit inside, and some choose to sit inside because they don't want people to see them. They would rather stay upstairs.''
The jail, built in 1894, is a historical site, and Low said he doesn't want to do anything to take away from its historical significance. In fact, it might be a better museum than a jail, he said.
So if another sheriff is elected, he or she can simply repaint the walls.
''It's just an easy step that will hopefully make some progress,'' Low said.
The Mason County Jail is clean and secure, he said. But it's also old, and it's tiny, Low said.
He believes the county needs a new jail, while some county officials have said the cost would simply be more than the rural county can afford.
The Mason County Jail among the oldest working jails in the state. It has a capacity of five inmates - four males and a female - and, on Friday, was at capacity with three more Mason inmates staying at the Comanche jail for $35 per inmate per day.
Comanche is about 100 miles northeast of Mason.
Low doesn't know the size of the Mason jail floor, but said each cell is 18 square feet. There is also a walkway around the cells.
The Mason County Jail is operating under 17 variances under the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. That means it would not pass inspection under today's standards, but those variances allow the jail to stay operational.
Low says that could change any day. It's an 1800s jail facing 2006 problems.
''The problem is we need a new jail,'' he said. ''I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place. If the jail commission comes in and closes the jail, I'm the sheriff that got the jail closed. If we build a new jail, I'm the sheriff that raised taxes.''
Low believes the county needs a 36- to 45-bed facility. The county could use the beds it needs and lease the rest of the beds to other counties looking for space. That could defray some of the cost of the jail.
''At some point, the jail commission can come in and say this is wearing thin,'' Low said. ''They could say we have had ample time to do something about it. My job is to protect the community. I can't look at profit and loss.''
As a comparison, Menard County, just west of Mason County, has 2,300 residents, and its jail has a capacity for nine inmates. It was built in 1981.
Low estimates a new jail would cost between $6 million and $9 million.
Adan Munoz, executive director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, said variances are issued to antiquated jails such as Mason that were built well before state standards were created. He said all Texas jails are inspected at least once a year.
As long as the variances don't become a safety issue for staff or inmates, the variances can be timeless, he said.
Mason County Judge Jerry Bearden said the county doesn't have the money for a new jail and he wants to continue operating the existing jail until jail standards say they can't. Mason County commissioners recently passed a roughly $2 million budget.
''And you don't want to build a jail for 10 people,'' he said. ''So if you build it for 49 people, you have to hire nine more people to run it, and then there is more food and cost.
''It's a domino effect.''
Mason, Menard and McCulloch county officials have talked about created a multicounty jail for all three counties to utilize. Talks have slowed of late because the three counties have expressed concerns about the cost, but Bearden said it's an option that is still available.
For now, Low and others hope small things such as giving inmates pink jumpsuits keeps them from coming back.
''That's not the Holiday Inn they are staying in up there,'' he said.

Monday, October 09, 2006

GAAAAAAAA! A word used when extremely cranky and downright bitchy ( like when the sound of someone just breathing is enough to put you in a straightjacket right after you maim them for life.)

To be more specific the word is used when you don't want to curse, but you just can't help it. So it was a GAAAAAA! afternoon, but I'm properly medicated now. So all's good!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I left an IM box open from chatting online with my mom last night, all of this was in it today. From the time she left her house this morning at 10am until I closed the box right before 7pm. Her cats (kittens) must have been busy ordering crap on

  1. is no longer idle at 10:17:24 AM.
  2. is idle at 11:41:56 AM.
  3. is no longer idle at 11:41:58 AM.
  4. is idle at 11:51:57 AM.
  5. is no longer idle at 12:04:11 PM.
  6. is idle at 12:14:11 PM.
  7. is no longer idle at 12:16:32 PM.
  8. is idle at 12:26:33 PM.
  9. is no longer idle at 12:49:50 PM.
  10. is idle at 12:59:50 PM.
  11. is no longer idle at 1:04:02 PM.
  12. is idle at 1:26:41 PM.
  13. is no longer idle at 1:26:44 PM.
  14. is idle at 1:40:18 PM.
  15. is no longer idle at 1:52:36 PM.
  16. is idle at 2:06:23 PM.
  17. is no longer idle at 2:06:26 PM.
  18. is idle at 2:16:25 PM.
  19. is no longer idle at 2:42:45 PM.
  20. is idle at 4:32:58 PM.
  21. is no longer idle at 4:33:01 PM.
  22. is idle at 4:43:00 PM.
  23. is no longer idle at 4:49:45 PM.
  24. is idle at 5:05:28 PM.
  25. is no longer idle at 5:05:31 PM.
  26. is idle at 5:15:30 PM.
  27. is no longer idle at 6:31:26 PM.
  28. is idle at 6:41:25 PM.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Annoying or Not?

When did haha become a written punctuation? I keep finding new blogs that use haha after almost every sentence. The last one, I decided to count how many times it was written on a two paragraph post. 25 times. 25 times. haha.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I haven't given up on my quest to find new daily reads here are 6 new blogs I visited today. There was going to be 7 new ones, but I got lost and fell down the proverbial rabbit hole, and I can't seem to find it again and there was some funny shit on it.. Oh well.

Beckstar's Unquenchable Republic of Disco Sparle - I like her layout, not sure why. Just do.

Pink Tutus and Iridescent Butterflies - I like her layout too. And the name

Running Trough Life With one Heel Broken -She found my blog which made my day of surfing easier! Plus she is a reader of Karina xoxo and *Pretty in the City

Tickle Me Twice - I like her template, it looks like she is a new blogger, but I could be wrong. And she liked the book 'The Devil Wears Prada" better than the movie.

Medical School Misery - She only has one post so far, but I'm hoping that she turns out to be a real live Meredith from Grey's Anatomy. How cool would that be?
Bitter is the new blog.

My real life friend (who doesn't live in a monitor, like those of you reading this), LaLa, despite the name, is one angry woman. She prides herself on being unapproachable, giving the best ever stink-eye, and belittling any man who happens to say hello. She likes tall spiky heels with her long leggy ultra thin body, her hair is usually short and spiky, and she wishes we lived where it gets cold enough to wear scarfs with a flair (for flinging over her shoulder as she strides in or out of a room). Granted she is in therapy, but today she was in full bitch mode. She was seated across the room from me, and I heard her muttering "what an asshole". Now this could have applied to any number of things going on, but I knew who she was talking about. He is an asshole, but hey, we've known that for a long LONG time. So why try to pull your thong up over your shoulders? LET .IT. GO. The whole reason she is in therapy is so that she can stop hating men. Her story isn't all that bad as they go, people with bigger issues have got over them.
See the thing is, I know she's going to think about it and call me later. Then she will want to dissect the whole thing, blow by blow. I may be a Temper Tantrum Queen, but she has perfected her Drama Queen persona for her full almost 50 years of walking on this earth. Funny thing, is she is really a very generous and considerate person to all her female friends... which is why I guess I accept her bitchy attitude towards men.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Doberman is ghetto.

He wanted to watch his favorite shows before I watch Grey's Anatomy and CSI later tonight. His favorite shows? Cops and Pimp My Ride. He doesn't mind CSI, but it's kinda long for his attention span. The beagle isn't too much of a tv watcher, which is good because even though we have three Tv's and dvr's on Dish, nobody likes watching in the living room.

An article by Dave Berry at the Miami Herald, should you care to read more ..TV Watching Dogs

How great ws Greys tonight? Good for Meredith for finally yelling what she WANTS!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Do you ever wear your headphones even if you aren't listening to anything? I do.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Technological Beakdown.

1) DVR remotes are not waterproof. The question is who is to blame? I was merely making the bed and picking up dirty clothes and the remote was under a shirt and dropped into the dog water bowl. Husbands side. I didn't drop it into the bowl! Yeah but YOU left it hanging on the nightstand above the dog bowl. Which he promptly did later the same night with the regular remote. Lesson learned..I think not. So you can't watch FOX news when you go to sleep at night. Get over it, the new one is on it's way. It's not like he had anything to do with that part.

2) The dishwasher only wants to dry, don't we all dear dishwasher, don't we all. You my friend, however, were purchased for your ability to clean and dry our dishes. Maytag is going to be all over your ass tomorrow for quitting after two months. Like sorting through receipts and warranty cards was just what I wanted to do today.

This has nothing to do with technology, but I wanted to add a bit about Honey's eyeglasses. See they got run over in the driveway...he says that I ran over them. I said doesn't matter who ran them over, glasses do not belong in the driveway. This is the same logic he is trying with the remotes, it doesn't matter where something was, all that matters is that it broke when someone else is added to the mix..
So these are five blogs I have read from links on my daily blog lists.

From Swishy I found A Green Straw . I read the whole page. Not bad. Celebrity gossip with some mild disdain..

From Manic Mom I found 30 Somethin Doc . Again, I read the whole page. Kinda freaking me out, but I can pretend McDreamy writes it.

From Cub Mommy I found Rockstar Mommy . Read a few posts ( they are long and a ton of people comment. Checked out her Flickr site. Will probably go back and read more later.

From the Blogger "Next Blog" I found From Tribeca to Tanzania The first post is the only one that held my interest (hey, I'm shallow)

From the Blogger "Next Blog" I found Race of the Century a couple of people are having a race to see who can collect ("find") $100.00 in change first.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's good to have goals..

So, I've decided that I am going to find five new daily blogs to read this week. Not quite sure how I will accomplish five finding five blogs worthy of reading each day. They have to meet the following:

A) Written by people who need as many psych meds as I do (doesn't matter if they take them, they just should just be on them)
B) Sarcasm is a plus.
C) Twisted humor usually keeps me occupied and fuels my own twisted mind.
D) It would be nice to find bloggers who take the time to wander over to my blog.
E) Pictures are good, especially when I can't be bothered with reading. (translation: I have the attention span of a gnat at times)

So those are my preliminary requirements. I'll be trolling blog rolls and hitting the next blog button alot starting tonight. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll have found five new daily reads.