Monday, October 16, 2006

Nightmares woke me up again. Now, I'm wide awake. It's 3:14 am eastern time. Probably nothing good on tv, I should take my time showering, getting dressed and drive out to the beach and take a walk along the shore.

I can get lost in the flow of the Cape employees going in for the 7am shift. I will seem like a part of the workers and I can pretend I'm on my way into work until I park my car in one of the smaller parks that dot the coast in between highrises and hotels. The sand will feel cool on my feet and I'll probably not make it in time for the sunrise. But it will give me a peaceful place to think and say a few prayers.

I'll take my camera, maybe I'll get lucky in seeing a sea turtle climbing back from the shallow waves to find a nice dune to settle in and sun himself for the day after a night of mating in the ocean. I smile when I think of a bumber sticker the turtle comission put out a few years ago. "Turtles Do It In The Dark", I had it pinned on a cork board in my old office.


Cyd said...

Cool that you get to see the turtles (isn't it the wrong time of year now, though?). I never have. Hope to come down and visit and do that myself sometime.

Cyd said...

Also, sorry you are having nightmares! Hope the doc helps you straighten it out.