Friday, October 06, 2006

Bitter is the new blog.

My real life friend (who doesn't live in a monitor, like those of you reading this), LaLa, despite the name, is one angry woman. She prides herself on being unapproachable, giving the best ever stink-eye, and belittling any man who happens to say hello. She likes tall spiky heels with her long leggy ultra thin body, her hair is usually short and spiky, and she wishes we lived where it gets cold enough to wear scarfs with a flair (for flinging over her shoulder as she strides in or out of a room). Granted she is in therapy, but today she was in full bitch mode. She was seated across the room from me, and I heard her muttering "what an asshole". Now this could have applied to any number of things going on, but I knew who she was talking about. He is an asshole, but hey, we've known that for a long LONG time. So why try to pull your thong up over your shoulders? LET .IT. GO. The whole reason she is in therapy is so that she can stop hating men. Her story isn't all that bad as they go, people with bigger issues have got over them.
See the thing is, I know she's going to think about it and call me later. Then she will want to dissect the whole thing, blow by blow. I may be a Temper Tantrum Queen, but she has perfected her Drama Queen persona for her full almost 50 years of walking on this earth. Funny thing, is she is really a very generous and considerate person to all her female friends... which is why I guess I accept her bitchy attitude towards men.

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