Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hobbies of the moment (not including blogging): Photography and Baking

This is second time I have used this pan. This one is cranberry orange muffin mixed angel food cake. Instead of adding the cranberries to the mix I put them in the center of the pan and then poured the batter over it. I wasn't all that happy about the way it looked so I added dried roses in the center for a better visual effect. The next one I will use a yellow cake mix, add chocolate chips to the center one by one so they are facing up the right way with yellow icing on the petals, and green icing on the background. But I want to find the best cake that keeps the edges crisp and 3d.


Swishy said...

Do you want to come do some baking at my house?!?!? :)

TTQ said...

Only if you have snow and good shopping! And you would have to put up with my taking lots of pictures.

katie-q said...

That looks very cool!!