Monday, October 30, 2006

Ramblin Rose has tagged me... I have to share 5 interesting things about myself.

1) I've been deported from England and was banned for 2 years. When I went back for just a vacation it was 5 years to the exact date, which was so not planned. Don't worry it wasn't terrorist activity. Wrong visa, um.. well lack of visa, who knew?

2) I've dated an Opera Singer. He introduced me to dating that included fine dining , good wine and great concerts in Palm Beach. Kinda of a let down when I got into the real dating pool after that. *sigh*

3) I'm a mess. But I'm working on it. C.E.R.T.I.F.I.A.B.L.E, really I have the discharge papers tucked in my purse , you know just in case.

4) I can fix anything technology wise in the house. Not like I've broken anything though, well there was that fork and toaster incident, but I digress.

5) Real people scare me. You guys on the other hand I L.O.V.E, I mean it, I heart you guys. In real life I seem outwardly cool and collected ( hahahahahahaha), yet inside I'm scared to death to meet new people, especially if I'm the only one new to a group. And what freaks them out more is when I freak out and have an anxiety attack. I turn pale, lose the ability to make sense and sweat cold sweat in a 50 degree room. And of course that would be on the day that I left my pills in another purse.

I am going to tag:
Leigh Ann
Cub Mommy


jagular said...

You asked what unit I work in.
I work in what they call the float pool. That is to say that every day when I work, I show up and they tell me what unit I am going to for that day. So I work in every unit in the hospital, except they don't like to send me to the OB unit, since I am a male. I find this a bit sexist. They send the female nurses to the floors where men have had their prostates operated on and the need at least as much attention as the women who have OB problems, and in the same personal body parts.

Anonymous said...

yay!! Thanks for participating you can blame Drew if you hated doing it as much as I did....


Swishy said...

An opera singer! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ok, I will post it tomorrow.

Love ya girl!!

Andie said...

wow! quite a few interesting things!

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods this coming sunday before I leave for my cruise! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will post tonight.

Sheesh I am terrible! Really...tonight!

TTQ said...

Jag- You are right that is sexist.

RR-It's funny I had just been sitting here hoping someone would tag me *wink*

Leigh Ann- i'm holding you to this, we have to keep you blogging now that the debt is paid off!

Andie- Carnival, Royal Carribean or Disney Cruise? We did Rc for our Honeymoon in June, it was Honey's first cruise, now he keeps pestering me to book another , so maybe Jan when the rates drop again.

cubmommy said...

I will try to think of five things and get them posted soon. Thanks for you kind words and support. I am trying to hold it all together right now.

Andie said...

We did a Royal Caribbean. :)