Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Technological Beakdown.

1) DVR remotes are not waterproof. The question is who is to blame? I was merely making the bed and picking up dirty clothes and the remote was under a shirt and dropped into the dog water bowl. Husbands side. I didn't drop it into the bowl! Yeah but YOU left it hanging on the nightstand above the dog bowl. Which he promptly did later the same night with the regular remote. Lesson learned..I think not. So you can't watch FOX news when you go to sleep at night. Get over it, the new one is on it's way. It's not like he had anything to do with that part.

2) The dishwasher only wants to dry, don't we all dear dishwasher, don't we all. You my friend, however, were purchased for your ability to clean and dry our dishes. Maytag is going to be all over your ass tomorrow for quitting after two months. Like sorting through receipts and warranty cards was just what I wanted to do today.

This has nothing to do with technology, but I wanted to add a bit about Honey's eyeglasses. See they got run over in the driveway...he says that I ran over them. I said doesn't matter who ran them over, glasses do not belong in the driveway. This is the same logic he is trying with the remotes, it doesn't matter where something was, all that matters is that it broke when someone else is added to the mix..

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jagular said...

ok, I admit. I'm guilty of the same thing.
I think it's a guy thing.
Some sort of primal instict.
It goes back to the caveman days, you see.
And it stays dormant most of the time. It only comes out when my wife is accusing me of stuff.

So it's her fault, really.