Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun with blood pressure machines. Strange hobby #357

My husband has outrageously high blood pressure which he treats with medication. I have ridiculously low blood pressure which is compounded by two medications that are often used to treat congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. My Dr would like to get me off the medications but we can't find a happy medium, so we stick with it. Every so often I skip a dose or two and monitor my conditions and keep a log of what I ate, low sodium, no sodium or normal sodium intakes. Today marks four doses skipped, I have put on 7.5 pounds in water and my blood pressure is creeping up it was 99 over 63. Which really flips out the people waiting on prescriptions in the pharmacy. Today they started saying the machine must be broken, I said nope looks dead on to me, I skipped my meds and my blood pressure is now high for me. 85 over 54 is about normal for me. Most people will faint when blood pressure is that low, but that's not an issue for me. Tomorrow I'll start my meds again, gaining 7.5 lbs in a about 36 hours sucks.


jagular said...

You see, that's one of the other benefits of learning how to spit.
If you spit often enough, you will never have extra fluids.

Anonymous said...

hmm wonder if you will loose that amount once you start your meds again????


TTQ said...

Jagular, I am SO gonna google that and ask my best friend (My GI DR)...I'm thinking my husband isn't gonna like that even though he dips..damn baseball players.

TTQ said...

RR- I just took them for the first time since Sat evening..It will be gone by tomorrow night or the next day.