Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Doberman is ghetto.

He wanted to watch his favorite shows before I watch Grey's Anatomy and CSI later tonight. His favorite shows? Cops and Pimp My Ride. He doesn't mind CSI, but it's kinda long for his attention span. The beagle isn't too much of a tv watcher, which is good because even though we have three Tv's and dvr's on Dish, nobody likes watching in the living room.

An article by Dave Berry at the Miami Herald, should you care to read more ..TV Watching Dogs

How great ws Greys tonight? Good for Meredith for finally yelling what she WANTS!

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The Runner said...

That cracks me up... My dog Polo LOVES to watch tv and my DBF things I am nuts for even suggeting that. He cocks his head when it seems like he is trying to pay attention and he will always lay where he has a nice view of the tv.. and he barks back at animal planet