Thursday, October 19, 2006

Garden party

I'm sitting in my lounge chair while honey is going through his garden. The weather is beautiful out tonight not hot, low humidty. The dogs are are racing in circles and a balmy breeze sways the palm trees. I was hoping that the cherry tomatoes had really started producing, I ate three yesterday, and there is no way I'm spending $4.00 a pint for the ones from the grocery store after tasting the ones from our garden. It's been a few months since we had them, I guess you have to pull out the plants twice a year and restart them. Honey brings me two long cucumbers. They have funny little bumps on them that are sharp, but not hair like cactus pricks. they remind me of blackheads, I scraped every single one of both the cucumbers with my nail as not to damage the skin. Now they are smooth and silky.

I hold up a rather large one and declare "This reminds me of you"
"Stop" is his reply
"Why? It does, it's not like I held up this one and said it reminds me of you" referring to one that is withered on one end and all crooked.
"You better start eating the kale" he says
"ok, I'll make kale and potatoe soup."

I push my self off the lounge chair and bring the cucumbers into the kitchen.


Swishy said...

Ha ha ha ha. At least it was the good one!

Manic Mom said...

I'm laughing right here with Swishy. Funny! I always hate searching out the best cucumbers at the grocery store. Feels seedy... hahaha, just made a joke and I wasn't even tryin.'


katie-q said...

I'm jealous that you are able to sit outside on a lawn chair, its so cold here, I don't even want to do the run from the house to my car!

TTQ said...

That's funny MM! I'm going to have to ask him if that's why he told me to stop!

Katie-Q, I'm dying to see snow! It's been a about 5 years since I have!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it incredible, the difference of a garden tomato and store bought? My neighbor had a tomato plant in our front lawn and I took one of the cherry ones. Ate it right off the vine. It was incredible.

I was munching on a bunch of the grape tomatoes last night!! YUM!!!!

Frannie Farmer said...

Ohhh my goodness that is just too funny for words!