Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wow, Blogger is back up for me. I've been trying to post since last night. Why is that when you can't post you always come up the bestest ever post topics?
Here's a quick list:

1)Watched the launch of the Delta rocket last night from my backyard. Played with my new camera in the dark on the night setting. That post was suppose to come complete with pics.

2) My doberman is like an old person, they don't apologize for farting, nor do they giggle, nor do they say "hey, come smell this one! It's a good one!". Zeus is just like that, no apologies, he sits his long body down and a very loud ppffffffffttttttt noise escapes. I swear the beagle gets a kick out of his farts, which are by far the smelliest but totally silent. He just kinda looks likes he is grinning everytime.

3) I got called an effin asshole among other things from a lunatic driver who did not appreciate my diligence in going the speed limit, I switched lanes to HIS lane, he followed my bumper, then swerved to stop next to me at a light. Where he proceeded to call me an asshole, an idiot, and ask if I was drunk. Oh and he wanted to know if i was stuipd, if I am stuipd how would i know, I'm stupid remember? I just shrugged and said I'm sorry again like i did when he started following my bumper. See cause i'm not sorry he has anger issues, i'm sorry he has to yell at strangers to get his fury out.

4) Why was Grey's Anatomy repeats tonight? I know the World Series has been on...honey has been listening to the radio under the covers so I can watch tv in the bedroom with him.

5) My sister sent an e-mail to my mom saying she read about the incident downstairs in my blog. Is that a breach of sisterhood? I've mentioned this before, only two people I know in person read my blog. I like it like that for now. Luckily my mom hasn't asked me about my blog. My husband one night told her I was busy blogging, and she said What's that? He told her he has no idea. He does but he also knows how I feel about people I know reading it. And he respects that.


katie-q said...

no one I know in real life reads my blog, and I like it that way, I feel like I can be more personal.

Swishy said...

A couple people I know in real life know about my blog, and I wish they didn't!

You should have told that guy to go to hell. Except he sounded crazy, so who knows what he would have done.

Cyd said...

Oops, sorry, didn't mean to breach any confidences. It seemed important at the time to be supportive. I'll try to be more careful in the future. Can you believe that at my age I'm still trying to figure out how to behave politely? It is true. I spend a lot of worrying that I'm not being thankful enough or supportive or sorry enough. That's because in hindsight I realize I've been thoughtless numerous times. But maybe I can also go overboard on this. Sigh.

Cyd said...

And good job on the mature response to Mr. Road Rage.

TTQ said...

Haha, I spent the time since I posted that worrying if I had hurt your feelings and I was going to delete the entire post. Love ya, glad you are still going to read.. Next time I'll drive up there and hug my nephews till they get mad at you for having a crazy sister that hugs them to death. And I'll let them watch tv and play on the internet at the same time all day, While feeding them sugary snacks. You will have to peel them off the ceiling or scrape them of the floor if they pass out. Then I will drive myself to some quiet Bed & Breakfast, sleep soundly, wake up, eat breakfast, go get a manicure and pedicure, and shop. The go back to the B&B for sleep, wake up,eat breakfast, put new batteries in my camera and drive home.