Saturday, June 30, 2007

The World Outside My Home Is A Shitty Place

The world outside our home is one big bathroom according To Zeus and Fletch. They are the epitome of house pets. They will lay in bed all day long and actually get quite snippy when it's time for us to leave the house and shut them out of the bedroom. Getting them to go outside often requires two of us to cajole, beg, and trick them out to the yard. Their poop is scooped and disposed of like automated machine. They will scratch and knock on the door immediately after doing their business. If I sit with them on the patio, they would rather come sit with me than romp around the yard. Often they just stand on the patio and look around as if they are being forced to stand in a grocery store line. Yeah, that excited. Lazy, lazy, lazy bums. It's a good thing they love to cuddle and give love, cause that's what they are good for. Unconditional love for us, even when being scolded for stealing food from the table. I do have to admit they are becoming more well-behaved since I entered the picture. Fletch no longer stands on tables. Zeus no longer chews on the sofa. Oh and we really don't need an alarm with a Doberman named Zeus.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Capitol C

Give me a C! "C!"
Give me a R! "R!"
Give me an A! "A!"
Give me a N! "N!"
Give me a K! "K!"
Give me a Y! "Y!"
What does that Spell?


Last night Mom and I went to see the Producers, it was three hours started at 8. So I didn't get home until almost midnight and it takes me a long time to unwind. I had two tests scheduled for today, plus I couldn't eat until after the tests which were scheduled for 2:00 pm and 3:00pm. I drank the barium for the CT as directed, we get to the hospital and check in for the Dexa Scan (Bone Density Scan). We sit down to wait when they call my name and ask me if I had already drank the barium, I said yes. "Well you can't have the Bone Scan today. You have to wait about 10 days after ingesting the barium. The scheduling department shouldn't have booked them like this." Great, now we have to sit in the freezing cold hospital until 3:00 pm for the CT. I'm tired, cold, cranky and hungry. Nice huh? I could have had the Bone Scan this morning, drank the barium and then gone for the CT at 3:00. Honey is cranky as well, though it's his own fault since he insisted on coming. I shot him the evil eye when he started to open his mouth to bitch about having to get a visitor's pass. He quickly shut his mouth when he realized he had roped himself into coming.

Luckily they called me back at 3:00 on the dot. They found my vein pretty quickly and I choked down the last cup of barium in one swig. I'm getting pretty good at sleeping/meditating, or some kind of trance when I get these things done, so it seemed like it went pretty quickly.

To top off the afternoon, we went to the grocery store together. Honey likes to push the cart and zigzag throughout the store back and forth as he thinks of things. Me? I like to start at one end and work my way through to the other end. But he isn't letting go of the cart, I have no choice but to play the grocery store scavenger hunt with him. I'm surprised I didn't come unglued, I pick up some cheese and try to put it in the basket but everytime I get close he starts moving forward. He is not even paying attention to the fact that I wanted to put something in the basket..finally he notices my frustrated face... Oh oops sorry! Oh just fuck off, lets go home. Okay, I didn't really say that. Just thought it. Off he goes again with the cart. I'll be on the chip aisle getting pretzels. Which is kinda true, it's also the aisle with the books and magazines. So I start browsing the mags and books while I wait for spaz to come back with the cart.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things are looking brighter

I went ahead and scheduled the rest of the tests, I get to spend tomorrow in at the hospital..but at least all the tests are back to back and I don't have to stay overnight. Yay, for small things and I can go to my local hospital and not Orlando. Yay again! I also called the transplant coordinator back to get clarification on the medicine situation. She assured me that I can stay on the necessary drugs so I don't flip out or get triggered and end up insane. The Doctor just wants me to cut out ones that are not really necessary. I had given them a list of all the medicine's that I have prescriptions for. I don't actually take all of them everyday. Like the Ambien, that's an easy one that I can cut out, I hate it anyways and rarely take it. The new prescription from the hospital, I never even remember I have it when I need it. So anyway, I'm just going to do what I gotta do and get back to normal. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm sure there will be other hard days ahead but I'll get through them. Tomorrow I should be able to catch a few naps during the Dexascan and the CT. I'm weird that way, If I'm laying down for a test I can usually lull myself to semi-sleep. It's not like they are going to let you pop up and down or go and get a drink of water.. And Honey has decided to go (I assured him that it was all very routine and boring and he didn't have to go) so if I have to wait in the waiting room to be called back, I sleep on him. And I have a Carl Hiaasen book I haven't read before.
In other news, Mom is on her way to pick me up to see The Producers tonight. And we spent part of the day at Macy's where they are having a great sale, but all the shoes I liked were in the wrong sizes. Why do we buy and buy clothes and shoes yet, wear the same things over and over?


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Give me back my remote!

Babyfred, not happy that we took her beer and remote away from her while she was chillin'.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I have no idea what just happened

I'm not sure what the heck happened today, but it appears that I made the first cut for acceptance into the Transplant Center. I was asked a gazillion questions that I have answered a gazillion times to various hospital and doctors over the past few years. I was poked and prodded, inhale, exhale, swallow, hold your hands out palms up. Then the Dr started rattling off orders to his nurse, bloodwork to be done today at the hospital (20 vials, seriously I think I broke my old record) , CT's, MRI's, Doppler start with (which are redundant, I've had most of them done in the last three months) . Once all those results are back , I will get a new and different battery of tests. Oh and I have to cut down on my current medications..except for one which should be increased. Huh? Cut my psych drugs down? My migraine meds? What about quality of life? You guys really want me to go crazy? Oh and while your asking your psychiatrist for a reduction in meds, ask him for a clearance letter to have a transplant.

My head is spinning from all this new information and how quickly they are ready to get going, though I'll probably be placed as inactive on the list depending on the test results of course. Then when it's time, A click of the mouse and my score will be entered and boom I'll be placed appropriately on the list by priority.

I'm not sure if any of this makes sense or not , in my head it doesn't. It's kinda like today was a fog, we were there for over 3 hours and had no wait time at all. Maybe tomorrow this will all seem clearer. Right now I'm suppose to take my nightime meds and I'm thinking do I take them or cut them in half or should I just wait until I see the Dr next? For now I'll take them cause withdrawel is a bitch and I'm some pretty high dosages. I just love when one Doc says here take all these and the other says No, lets get you off all this medicine. Fuck.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Tomorrow is a big day for me, I've been awaiting the day for about two weeks now. I go to see a new specialist (actually a Specialized Center and a team of Dr's). My regular specialist that I see once a month or so has already spoke to them, actually before I even had the appointment set. Honey has taken the day off, Mom has declined to go. Her feelings are whatever choices that are to be made should be made by my husband and myself once we get the information and the treatment options. Wait, what? Mom your bailing? I've only been married year! You can't bail on motherly advice until I've been married like 50 years or something like that! Apparently she has decided it's my choice. And this is going to make it easier how? I think part of it is the fact that her and Honey have totally opposite opinions, me I just don't know. Seriously. So the past two weeks have been pins and needles for me. I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm freaking the fuck out. At least I've managed to stay out of the hospital this month, no ER trips. Thank God. The first time I wasn't really hooked to too much 24/7, just a few hours out of the day which meant I could wander the ward and escape my hellish roommate. The second time I was Iv'ed and heart monitored 24/7. For five days, but I had a private room and morphine so it could have been worse.

People always say you shouldn't live in the past or project too much into the future, just live each day as it comes. OK, that works when things are cool. But sometimes it seems like it's next to impossible. Sometimes you hear that you shouldn't pray for yourself, but I have been. Just for peace and my nerves to settle down. Other times I think I'm just making it all up and it really is nothing. Nothing at all wrong with me, I've been patched and medicated. I follow my Dr's advice, so it can't be getting worse. Everybody is just making a big deal out of nothing. We already know how I feel about being babysat by my husband, so I have been pulling myself out of bed when I really don't feel like it. I even welcome doing chores, they are mindless and keep me busy. OK, so now I know I'm losing it. I hate chores. Chores suck. I can't wait till we get the house finished enough to have someone come in and clean. Right now it's pretty much useless to do that with the way things are being moved around and partly finished. See how quickly I changed the subject? It's like I'm scared to blog about me being sick. Let alone mention what it is specifically, though maybe tomorrow when we know more. I just don't want to jinx anything. Silly huh?

I'm going to hit publish before I change my mind..

Saturday, June 23, 2007

1st Anniversary Weekend

Yay! We made it one year! It will be three years that we have been together on September 11. Get this we have never had a fight. Sometimes when we are bored we sit around and try to start one, but we usually end up in fits of laughter. I'm glad I had to date a lot of frogs before I met Honey. I'm not letting go of him. And I really appreciate him now as to my my dating in my 20's.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Tricks

Our Doberman, Zeus showed us his proficient skills at performing a Donkey Kick. It all started with him gnawing on the pad of his hind leg. After reminding him several times not to chew. We wrapped up the pad after applying neosporn to his paw. His reaction when he stood up was to hop on three legs. Which caused a fit of giggles from me. He heads towards Honey and suddenly he kicks his back leg up almost 6 feet. Honey almost got clocked. Now his back leg is shooting out and up about once a minute and it is the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Where's the damn camera when you need one? I'm just glad I was still on the floor out of harms way.

Honey looks at me and says "That boy think he a donkey!"

I Love Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss was the original name of what?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What? Stop looking at me!

1) I suck. I didn't get my husband anything for Father's Day. I know we don't have kids but we do have our four-legged babies, hence he bought me a Mother's Day present.

2) I'm an even bigger loser because I didn't know what the price of stamps were today. I now own 25 2 cent stamps. But I did mail back a month old Netflix, and an enevelop to my sister equally as old and past due. Sorry. The only thing that prompted me to get these in the mail with proper postage? I had to send my mail order prescriptions in.

3) I'm mean. Our 1st year anniversary is coming up, but I won't give my husband the ok for him to spend the kind of money he wants to spend on me. We are going out to dinner (thanks to a wedding giftcard for $100 to the Melting Pot), and we just made our plans for late summer vacation which will actually be on when our first date anniversary rolls around. Which in my mind means we are celebrating both events and no further money should be spent on them.

4) I'm stressed, which makes me withdraw. Too many unexpected medical bills the past month and no forseeable end to these appointments. Co-pays suck.Deductibles too and it's confusing. Oh and we have to drive to Orlando for these appts.

5) I'm sad. My yearly trip to Maryland to visit oldest sister looks like it's not going to happen. Due to health reasons and having to make the choice between one vacation with my husband or one trip to Maryland. Sorry Sis. Honey only takes one vacation a year and we have to use it or lose it.

6) I look like hell. My skin has broken out like I'm 14. Which means no make-up until it clears up and my hair is in a ponytail everyday to keep it off my face.

7) I have no brain function. None. Even watching TV seems to be hard. Attention span of a gnat. I was going to go to the library but then I'd just have to return them unread and with late fees.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mmmmm Doughnuts..

This past month I have become addicted to doughnuts. Particularly, Blueberry Fritters and Krispy Kreme chocolate frosted with angel cream (the white chalky filling) . Oh and Crullers, can't forget the Crullers.It's not really my fault, my husband was trying to entice me into eating. Being in and out of the hospital all last month kinda took my hunger away, plus the fact that I haven't been to the gym in a month. So at my 80 gazillion Dr's visit, I of course had to be weighed...I lost 4 freaking pounds..eating doughnuts..every day. Oh and did I mention the Ritter cookies they had in the vending machine at the hospital? Those I have also developed a craving for. My ass should be the size of Texas by now, but it's not. Weird..though I am not going to push this theory to the point that actually happens, somehow I have to wean off my sugar addiction slowly, so I bought fruit. I like fruit, it's still sugar but it isn't white refined sugar. And sugar free Popsicles, the old brain trick. Watch now that I go back to my regular vegetarian diet..I'll probably gain weight. And then, well I'll go back to eating doughnuts everyday. What what you do? I really see no other course of action.

My Fav's in this box:
Top row far right: Creme filled, Chocolate Covered
Second Row third one in: Powdered Jelly Filled
Botton Row: Cruller

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

HELP!!! I'm Trapped!

"Honey you are going to be late for work".

"No, I'm not. I'm staying home to take care of you".

"Why? Am I that sick?".


"Go to work, I'm fine".

"No, I'm going to make sure you are ok".

"Okay, but we got shit to do".

I had to go get blood work done, go the hospital to pick up my records from the last hospital stay (for my specialist in Orlando) a week or two ago, and go to both banks. Oh and did I mention that my attending Doc at the hospital gave me new meds that make you think you aren't sick, in fact you feel pretty damn cozy. It's a mixture of belladonna and barbituates. Hence, Honey staying home. Do not attempt to drive after one of those pills, hell do not even lean down at the waist to pick something up, you will fall over onto your ass. backwards.

11:30 done. Surf the net for awhile. Decide I don't like being babysat. I'M my sister's puter to death. Tell her I'm being babysat. My wings have been clipped. She is actually probably doing work and I'm bothering her. Decide to whine to Honey.

"I'm bored and feel cooped up".

"Do you want to go get your hair done?".

**WTF?? AH HA! He can drop me there and come back and get me later, I get it.***


"Then what?"

"I want to go walk around The Avenues (shopping)"

"I didn't stay home to take you shopping!"

"Fine, then I'll just go by myself"

"I didn't stay home..."

"Whatever, maybe I'll just go shopping anyways or take a nap".

It was a nice nap.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The trick is moving your car quickly

Still on the hunt for a picture of a burning gas pump, I stumbled across this story, and I too made this little error. The key is to have a cashier who can hit the automatic shutoff switch quickly, and being able to move your own car quickly helps too. When I did this upon becoming confused which side the gas door was on, I didn't quite cut the corner as sharp as I should have. My mother sitting in the passenger side calmly said.."TTQ, would you like to move the car before we blow up too?" Damn she's good. The firemen thought it was a riot (as in funny ha ha). Me? I never ever ever wanted to drive again. To this day I still hate getting gas. However, I have yet to ever hit anything else that blows up since. Cars? yes. People? One or maybe 2? Bumpers, hell my computer doesn't hold enough memeory to save that file. Utility poles? None hard enough to knock all the way down..and the list goes on and on.. But I haven't had a speeding ticket since I was 16 and my second ever ticket was moving into this subdivision, where they let me go with "Wear your seatbelt" and pay a fine.

Woman pulled from burning car after driving into gas pump

Posted by Brie Zeltner June 01, 2007 16:00PM

Categories: Breaking News

A pair of construction workers rescued a woman from her burning car this afternoon after she drove into a gas pump at a station on Cedar Road, fire officials said.
Two construction workers saw the woman hit the pump about 1 p.m. at the Shell station at Cedar and South Green roads in South Euclid. They dragged her out of the car as it burst into flames. She was not seriously injured, officials said.
Firefighters from South Euclid and University Heights extinguished the car fire. The gas pump was knocked over.
Further details were unavailable this afternoon.

Story from

Thank You for Coming See You in Hell.

I was going to write a sweet little blog entry about the time I blew up a gas pump and while looking for an example of a picture to add, I found this little gem. Oh how it makes me giggle maniacally when I read shit like this. Note, I wouldn't actually DO any of this stuff, I just find it amusing since I have a wild imagination

How To Turn The Work Life Of A Local 7-Eleven Employee Into A Living Hell

By the way the Blueberry Fritters kick ass at the 7-11! Once you go blue, apple will never cut it again.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Who parties With Lohan w/o Being An Attention whore

DJ Samantha Ronson does, she was driving the SUV carrying Lindsay Lohan passed out

Here's a clip of her work

I actually like her.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kick 'em When They're Down

Prison-bound socialite has been dropped by her record label after lacklustre sales of debut pop album "" failed to impress music execs. The 26 year old, who is heading to jail next week for a 23-day stint after violating her probation following a 2006 drink-driving arrest, is said to be devastated over the decision.

Men Are Funny When They Do Laundry Part 2

One of my lurkers (and real life friend) sent me a link on folding clothes after reading my post about Honey hanging up my bra. I think this is the one he was referring to. Even if it's not, it's pretty funny.. watch the little pet on the side. This girl is kind enough to show us how to fold a bra.

Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie on Harpers Bazaar

We can hardly believe our eyes – scrawny tabloid queens and walking car social crashes Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie on the cover of US Harpers Bazaar with an equally scrawny pair of rat-faced dogs (quite apt, really). Obviously the powers that be at Bazaar have taken leave of their senses or else they are frigging desperate to snag some of the billions of tabloid readers who (for some reason) worship these two vacuous heirheads and NEVER seem to tire of them as covergirls. Their love lives in particular provide endless gossip mag fodder – mainly because these girls’ beds are revolving doors so there’s ALWAYS some new meat head boyfriend to write about. Or some sex tape. Or some eating disorder. Or some driving offence. Or some drug problem. Or some night club romp. The same roster of Paris and Nicole ‘issues’ week in week out. Enough. Already. Of course we expected better of Bazaar, the self appointed ‘bible of style', but then again with declining circulation, we're not surprised they're taking the tabloid approach. Our guess is that they’ve legitimized their decision because of the girl’s vast designer wardrobes. But a Balenciaga It-Bag does not maketh a high-fashion glossy covergirl. US Bazaar has been through a few editors in recent years and thus prone to periodic bouts of schizophrenia, so let’s hope this is just an identity crisis that will soon pass. Whatever the whys, we’re panning this cover and asking you to donate the cover price to the blind dog association. Leave these two more-money-than-sense trash bags where they belong – in tabloid hell.

By Nobody Cares Really

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ice Queen

Let's Face Facts I'm So Cold I have Ice in My Veins
The war has officially begun, the thermostat is now being turned up and down so much, I'm surprised it hasn't sprung off the wall like the clocks in cartoons explode. My veins are blue, my lips may soon follow. I've taken to sitting in my car with no a/c while the temperature reads 96. It feels good. I have socks on. I have freakin socks on and my toes are still cold. I have to bundle up to sit at my computer. So I creep over to the thermostat while Honey goes to the bathroom or to change his work clothes and knock it up a few degrees just enough to keep it from running. Click. Click. Click. I go in stealth mode back to my desk. Click. Click. Click. Dammit! He's just knocked it down again. Whir.... Hummmm...Click.....Hummmm. Great it's in overdrive. I retreat to the back patio to sit in the sun. Okay enough sun, I head to the bedroom and burrow under the comforter. The dogs are cold too, okay not really but they do feel good nestled up against me. My Beagle, Fletch is my hot water bottle, he loves to be cuddled and he imparts warmth. Win. Win. It's kinda sad when you have to take a scalding bath to get the chill out of your bones during the summer in Florida.

Men Are Funny When They Do laundry

Also known as E for Effort. Or Awww..He's so cute..

Yesterday while retrieving empty hangers from Honey's closet, I found my bra hung up. Like I would actually look there for a bra. This is done by a man who doesn't think T-shirts should be hung up, and when he does try to fold him, it's more of a wadding than a fold. I don't mind that he pitches in, I just can't be a party to it. Isn't it quicker to hang up a t-shirt rather than fold one? I think so. And don't even get me started on folding pillowcases..

And another thing turning the dishwasher or the washing machine on does NOT count as doing the laundry or dishes.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Obsessive Consumption

How this site slipped under the radar for shopping debt is beyond me..

It's called Obsessive Consumption..and it's worth a look, this chick (Kate Bingaman) makes being in debt seem like a game while achieving her goal to pay off her credit cards. Instead of asking for money she creates art out of purchases and bills and actually has shows and exhibitions.

and don't forget to "Love Your Money, Ya'll"

I love this commercial

Okay so maybe it was the morphine, but I kept seeing this commercial when I was in the hospital last week... It really touched me and gave me hope. I think Traveler's Insurance is my new hero of commercials, better than Super Bowl commercials. Lucky Rabbit's foot reattachment, will wonders never cease? I love the fact they are put back on dyed..

I can totally pull this off!

I just looked in the mirror after running some errands and it occured to me that I never tamed my hair after putting in my barrette. Which is common around the house, like little dogs with long bangs, I gotta see too. I try not to pull it into pony tails to avoid breakage. What you can't see in this picture, is my signature bow. Why? Because I made an attempt not to look like your pet dog.

So here is a pic of bow askew and what I look like doing errands.. While I was willing to poke fun at my own hair, I was not however so inclined to poke fun of the bags under my eyes. Heck if you spent almost two weeks in the hospital this month too, you would have bags too. I could have photoshopped the zit in between my eyes too

This picture doesn't really do my hair bow justice, but I guess that can be a good thing.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogger ate my insightful post

So..I'll tell you an inane fact of the day. I bought a Barbie Doll today. And I want to keep it for myself.

This is not a picture a picture of the doll, I just thought it was funny. So there you go.

Ain't That The Truth!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Well, I guess that's all you CAN do. (No, No it is NOT all you can do!)

I think I'm missing something (like using the term live and let go, or some mantra along those lines) when hear I somebody say "Well that's all you can do" to an obviously lamenting or crying individual on the other end of the phone.There has to be something they CAN do. I mean seriously. Are you suppose to be like a piece of bubble gun chewed up and spat onto the busy streets of New York, because there is nothing you can do? So now you are a melting piece of gum on the sidewalk, maybe hitching a ride on some one's shoe sole until they scrape you off cursing on you having the audacity of being on their Manolo Blahniks in the first place? I don't know about you but I have heard God helps those who helps themselves, not those who lie back and watch the world go buy in a blur because it's moving so fast in front of you, without you. Sometimes you need to do something , you need to do something good, you need to crawl out from under the covers, you need to ask for help.

If someone says that the there is nothing you can do, doesn't that mean that that person is not willing to do anything else? What if this person was in charge of building a portion of the Egyptian Pyramids and they ran out of those huge bricks, would they say, there is nothing we can do? There are tons of things on a construction site that can be cleaning up chipped pieces, measuring angles, smoothing cracks, and of course erecting the scaffolding to be high enough to add the new bricks once they came.
My nearest guess on this phrase is that it is said by people who see the glass half empty. And those who don't say "That's all You/We can do" still havehope and determination. Or maybe like me, just don't know when to stoptrying, trying anything, and are naive and self deceiving.
Examples of what can be done:

Arizona-based artist Heidi Heisse (2004) created a Hummer covered in gumballs.Well, it’s not really a Hummer, it’s just in the shape of a Hummer. The piece, entitled Sugar-Coated, is meant as a social commentary. The description on her website states:“This life-sized gum-ball covered HumVee comments on pop culture and reminds us of soldiers handing candy to children in far-flung countries at war with us.”Pretty deep stuff for gumballs, if you ask me.

Source Heidi Heiss Sugar Coated 2004 (Yay-More pictures after the jump!!!)

NEXT ITEM: The Gum Drop Box

I can't cipher numbers high enough to figure out how many of these gum drop boxes (haha, that's cute when writing it vs reading it.) New York City would need but I'm sure a few peolpe with GPS annd a good knowledge of creating GIS maps could get it done in a snap, oh wait..that would be a local government project, so realistically we would probably see the boxes in about 20 years.
Still the theory of keeping the gum off the sidealk is a good idea, but maybe we could just turn over a few middles school desks every block or so..those always worked well for my gum. And the class before and the class before that, and then well I'm not sure if they even made gum back that far ...

Introducing Envyrobubble.

It all began with a casual stroll, shopping downtown. We weren't trying to change the world, we were just two moms with a weakness for beautiful shoes. But then: splat! We stopped in our tracks only to discover the bottoms of our Manolo Blahniks covered in gooey gum.That got us thinking. Why were people throwing gum on the sidewalk? And why wasn't there a place to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way?We did our homework and realized a public gum container would have to be designed specifically for gum, so we gave it a unique shape. It had to get attention and raise awareness of responsible gum disposal, so we covered it with a fun, eye-catching spiral design and made it scream bubble gum pink. Then we joined forces with a leading recycler to ensure that the gum collected became something useful: fertilizer.
I am just wowed by this simple yet handy contraption, why have I been using napkins, strips of magazines and newspaper, past due bills....

Source Envyrobubble (Boo, no more pictures after the jump)