Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ice Queen

Let's Face Facts I'm So Cold I have Ice in My Veins
The war has officially begun, the thermostat is now being turned up and down so much, I'm surprised it hasn't sprung off the wall like the clocks in cartoons explode. My veins are blue, my lips may soon follow. I've taken to sitting in my car with no a/c while the temperature reads 96. It feels good. I have socks on. I have freakin socks on and my toes are still cold. I have to bundle up to sit at my computer. So I creep over to the thermostat while Honey goes to the bathroom or to change his work clothes and knock it up a few degrees just enough to keep it from running. Click. Click. Click. I go in stealth mode back to my desk. Click. Click. Click. Dammit! He's just knocked it down again. Whir.... Hummmm...Click.....Hummmm. Great it's in overdrive. I retreat to the back patio to sit in the sun. Okay enough sun, I head to the bedroom and burrow under the comforter. The dogs are cold too, okay not really but they do feel good nestled up against me. My Beagle, Fletch is my hot water bottle, he loves to be cuddled and he imparts warmth. Win. Win. It's kinda sad when you have to take a scalding bath to get the chill out of your bones during the summer in Florida.


soapy t said...

are you and honey at my mom and dad's house? i like being cool. i hate being cold.

Swishy said...

Ughh I HATE it when the air's on too high! I hate being cold. No cooler than 70, thank you very much.

Andie said...

yeah, my coworkers freeze me out of my office. I have a space heater next to my desk. Pretty pathetic when I have to put a space heater on when it's 92 degrees outside.

Frannie Farmer said...

I do prefer ultra cool to ultra hot. But would far more prefer comfortable.
I have noticed that with weight loss, I am colder MUCH more often.

Frannie Farmer said...

PS - Did you read The Ice Queen: by Alice Hoffman? GOOD book!