Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mmmmm Doughnuts..

This past month I have become addicted to doughnuts. Particularly, Blueberry Fritters and Krispy Kreme chocolate frosted with angel cream (the white chalky filling) . Oh and Crullers, can't forget the Crullers.It's not really my fault, my husband was trying to entice me into eating. Being in and out of the hospital all last month kinda took my hunger away, plus the fact that I haven't been to the gym in a month. So at my 80 gazillion Dr's visit, I of course had to be weighed...I lost 4 freaking pounds..eating doughnuts..every day. Oh and did I mention the Ritter cookies they had in the vending machine at the hospital? Those I have also developed a craving for. My ass should be the size of Texas by now, but it's not. Weird..though I am not going to push this theory to the point that actually happens, somehow I have to wean off my sugar addiction slowly, so I bought fruit. I like fruit, it's still sugar but it isn't white refined sugar. And sugar free Popsicles, the old brain trick. Watch now that I go back to my regular vegetarian diet..I'll probably gain weight. And then, well I'll go back to eating doughnuts everyday. What what you do? I really see no other course of action.

My Fav's in this box:
Top row far right: Creme filled, Chocolate Covered
Second Row third one in: Powdered Jelly Filled
Botton Row: Cruller


Frannie Farmer said...

mmmm. I love donuts. I haven't had one in eons.
I swear, when I stop thinking about losing or gaining weight, I finally lose .. crazy stuff.
I hope you are doing ok, my friend.

kim said...

we would be good together because you like all the ones I don't.

Do we have coffee -- I need coffee if I'm going to have some donuts.

TTQ said...

How could I know the secret handshake and NOT have coffee?Everybody knows that's the best stuff on earth. Like ever. Seriously. Sometimes that's the only thing that gets me have...too lazy to make my own...must go now!

Swishy said...

Yummmmm ...

My favorite is the good, old-fashioned glazed.

kim said...

one time I was involved in putting on a conference with our peeps -- we got the hotel to throw in free coffee as part of the food package -- looking back, that was mean and our group should make a donation, they probably lost money -- suckas!

Andie said...

I love plain old cake donuts. or those "donettes" you know, the mini powdered sugar ones you can get at any grocery store. I used to love licking the sugar off those.

now I want donuts.

soapy t said...

apple mother fucking fritter.