Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things are looking brighter

I went ahead and scheduled the rest of the tests, I get to spend tomorrow in at the hospital..but at least all the tests are back to back and I don't have to stay overnight. Yay, for small things and I can go to my local hospital and not Orlando. Yay again! I also called the transplant coordinator back to get clarification on the medicine situation. She assured me that I can stay on the necessary drugs so I don't flip out or get triggered and end up insane. The Doctor just wants me to cut out ones that are not really necessary. I had given them a list of all the medicine's that I have prescriptions for. I don't actually take all of them everyday. Like the Ambien, that's an easy one that I can cut out, I hate it anyways and rarely take it. The new prescription from the hospital, I never even remember I have it when I need it. So anyway, I'm just going to do what I gotta do and get back to normal. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm sure there will be other hard days ahead but I'll get through them. Tomorrow I should be able to catch a few naps during the Dexascan and the CT. I'm weird that way, If I'm laying down for a test I can usually lull myself to semi-sleep. It's not like they are going to let you pop up and down or go and get a drink of water.. And Honey has decided to go (I assured him that it was all very routine and boring and he didn't have to go) so if I have to wait in the waiting room to be called back, I sleep on him. And I have a Carl Hiaasen book I haven't read before.
In other news, Mom is on her way to pick me up to see The Producers tonight. And we spent part of the day at Macy's where they are having a great sale, but all the shoes I liked were in the wrong sizes. Why do we buy and buy clothes and shoes yet, wear the same things over and over?


6 comments: said...

Good luck with your tests!! I'll keep you in my prayers!!!

Gledwood said...

Can you really sleep during the scan?? The only scanner I've been to (it was my friend getting scanned, not me tho) was MRI ~ man! it was noisy. No way would you sleep in there! But if you pretended to be scared they gave you Valium, which was good!!

Hope you're ok ... all the best ...


soapy t said...

get better soon and send me all your left over drugs. seriously. i'll pay for postage. am i making you uncomfortable? my mother is a nurse and i hate hospitals.

TTQ said...


I think I remember your address:

Soapy T Dear-Diary
1122 Boogie Boogie Ave
Brooklyn, NY 12345


Gleds- I have fallen asleep in an MRI before... pretty amazing, huh?
I can't sleep on a plane but in an MRI..I can go out like a light. Twice that I can think of recentley.

Rose- Thanks for the good thoughts. And the well wishes on your blog.

kim said...

I love this picture.

I have an ambien story -- my good friend's husband takes it sometimes and he sleepwalks and eats in his sleep almost every time. My friend has forbidden him to take it because she doesn't want to end up profiled on 20/20, but I think he still does sometimes -- creepy.

Good luck today -- I'm thinking of you.

Frannie Farmer said...

I also have gotten to the point where I can snooze through the testing process ... it is actually decent sleep ..
I don't let Mr. Farmer come with me anymore, it just stresses me out!
I'll split the leftovers with Soapy :) lol. Although I have heard that Ambien gives you the munchies ... true?
Glad to see some cheer for you!