Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What? Stop looking at me!

1) I suck. I didn't get my husband anything for Father's Day. I know we don't have kids but we do have our four-legged babies, hence he bought me a Mother's Day present.

2) I'm an even bigger loser because I didn't know what the price of stamps were today. I now own 25 2 cent stamps. But I did mail back a month old Netflix, and an enevelop to my sister equally as old and past due. Sorry. The only thing that prompted me to get these in the mail with proper postage? I had to send my mail order prescriptions in.

3) I'm mean. Our 1st year anniversary is coming up, but I won't give my husband the ok for him to spend the kind of money he wants to spend on me. We are going out to dinner (thanks to a wedding giftcard for $100 to the Melting Pot), and we just made our plans for late summer vacation which will actually be on when our first date anniversary rolls around. Which in my mind means we are celebrating both events and no further money should be spent on them.

4) I'm stressed, which makes me withdraw. Too many unexpected medical bills the past month and no forseeable end to these appointments. Co-pays suck.Deductibles too and it's confusing. Oh and we have to drive to Orlando for these appts.

5) I'm sad. My yearly trip to Maryland to visit oldest sister looks like it's not going to happen. Due to health reasons and having to make the choice between one vacation with my husband or one trip to Maryland. Sorry Sis. Honey only takes one vacation a year and we have to use it or lose it.

6) I look like hell. My skin has broken out like I'm 14. Which means no make-up until it clears up and my hair is in a ponytail everyday to keep it off my face.

7) I have no brain function. None. Even watching TV seems to be hard. Attention span of a gnat. I was going to go to the library but then I'd just have to return them unread and with late fees.


meno said...

i didn't get my husband anything for father's day either, and we have a human child.

Of course he didn't get me anything for mother's day either, so i guess that makes it okay.

Sorry about the rest of the stuff. :(

Cyd said...

Hey, you made it to the end of a blog post which is more than I can do these days.

I'll come see you next, as I should be able to use some frequent flier miles. Don't know when I'll do it, but someday, sans kids.

Karinaxoxo said...

awww sorry to hear about everything!!!

but at least u get to celebrate your anniversary with hubby - thats something to be happy about!

kim said...

thanks for reminding me about that parking ticket I need to send. I put it in the envelope at $10, re-wrote the check for $15 when the first notice came -- the second notice came last week, do I write the check for $20 now, or let it ride until it hits the max?

That's already a night of pizza and no cooking out the door, and yet that trip to the mailbox haunts me. Look, I could be doing it now, obviously I have a moment as I type on your blog, I could have written out three new checks and made that trip to the mailbox by now (in my defense-- it IS accross the street).

I'm sending good thoughts your way))))))))))))))

and hey, I think I may have produced enough guilt while writing this to produce some action on that ticket...give me a week and it'll be done, I just know it.

kimberlie said...

I'm sure you will get through it all, just think happy thoughts!

Well, maybe happy thoughts and an adult beverage... :)

good luck!

kim said...


And I think you know what I'm talking about :o).

TTQ said...

never even thought about it.

kim said...

I may have been talking to myself out loud on your blog -- it's a knee jerk thing.

hope you are felling better today

Cyd said...

Oh yeah, just re-read this. Our 15th anniversary is next week and all plans are on hold pending favorable job news. For some reason, on our 10th anniversary the same thing happened (i.e. something was up in the air so nothing happened). Hubby wants to do something special, I haven't taken any initiative, so nothing special happens.

On a totally unrelated vein, I saw these and thought of you:
(not that you have sweaty feet, but I know you like nice shoes and probably would like the exotic animal prints).

TTQ said...

Kim- if you are thinking aloud on my blog then that means you aren't talking to yourself, therefore you don't have to worry about talking aloud to yourself . See the logic here? It all makes sense to me. I think. for now. See cause I'm listening.

TTQ said...

Cyd- Umm thanks?! I think. H is the one who likes the animal print stuff. I think I di dtoo at one time like in the 90's.. but I've grown up and now I only like Hello Kitty motiffed things. Just sayin'.

kim said...

I totally get what you're saying and I didn't even need to read that twice.

soapy t said...

been there. it all comes to pass.