Thursday, June 07, 2007

Men Are Funny When They Do laundry

Also known as E for Effort. Or Awww..He's so cute..

Yesterday while retrieving empty hangers from Honey's closet, I found my bra hung up. Like I would actually look there for a bra. This is done by a man who doesn't think T-shirts should be hung up, and when he does try to fold him, it's more of a wadding than a fold. I don't mind that he pitches in, I just can't be a party to it. Isn't it quicker to hang up a t-shirt rather than fold one? I think so. And don't even get me started on folding pillowcases..

And another thing turning the dishwasher or the washing machine on does NOT count as doing the laundry or dishes.


soapy t said...

what a waste of a hanger. it would look better on the door knob

Andie said...

ha! I hang mine on the bathroom door knob too, and it drives my hubby crazy!

and I agree.. turning the dishwasher on does not count for washing the dishes!!!

kimberlie said...

that is the funniest pic i have seen in a while.

At least yours trys though...!

honeykbee said...

That picture is classic. Classic!