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Well, I guess that's all you CAN do. (No, No it is NOT all you can do!)

I think I'm missing something (like using the term live and let go, or some mantra along those lines) when hear I somebody say "Well that's all you can do" to an obviously lamenting or crying individual on the other end of the phone.There has to be something they CAN do. I mean seriously. Are you suppose to be like a piece of bubble gun chewed up and spat onto the busy streets of New York, because there is nothing you can do? So now you are a melting piece of gum on the sidewalk, maybe hitching a ride on some one's shoe sole until they scrape you off cursing on you having the audacity of being on their Manolo Blahniks in the first place? I don't know about you but I have heard God helps those who helps themselves, not those who lie back and watch the world go buy in a blur because it's moving so fast in front of you, without you. Sometimes you need to do something , you need to do something good, you need to crawl out from under the covers, you need to ask for help.

If someone says that the there is nothing you can do, doesn't that mean that that person is not willing to do anything else? What if this person was in charge of building a portion of the Egyptian Pyramids and they ran out of those huge bricks, would they say, there is nothing we can do? There are tons of things on a construction site that can be cleaning up chipped pieces, measuring angles, smoothing cracks, and of course erecting the scaffolding to be high enough to add the new bricks once they came.
My nearest guess on this phrase is that it is said by people who see the glass half empty. And those who don't say "That's all You/We can do" still havehope and determination. Or maybe like me, just don't know when to stoptrying, trying anything, and are naive and self deceiving.
Examples of what can be done:

Arizona-based artist Heidi Heisse (2004) created a Hummer covered in gumballs.Well, it’s not really a Hummer, it’s just in the shape of a Hummer. The piece, entitled Sugar-Coated, is meant as a social commentary. The description on her website states:“This life-sized gum-ball covered HumVee comments on pop culture and reminds us of soldiers handing candy to children in far-flung countries at war with us.”Pretty deep stuff for gumballs, if you ask me.

Source Heidi Heiss Sugar Coated 2004 (Yay-More pictures after the jump!!!)

NEXT ITEM: The Gum Drop Box

I can't cipher numbers high enough to figure out how many of these gum drop boxes (haha, that's cute when writing it vs reading it.) New York City would need but I'm sure a few peolpe with GPS annd a good knowledge of creating GIS maps could get it done in a snap, oh wait..that would be a local government project, so realistically we would probably see the boxes in about 20 years.
Still the theory of keeping the gum off the sidealk is a good idea, but maybe we could just turn over a few middles school desks every block or so..those always worked well for my gum. And the class before and the class before that, and then well I'm not sure if they even made gum back that far ...

Introducing Envyrobubble.

It all began with a casual stroll, shopping downtown. We weren't trying to change the world, we were just two moms with a weakness for beautiful shoes. But then: splat! We stopped in our tracks only to discover the bottoms of our Manolo Blahniks covered in gooey gum.That got us thinking. Why were people throwing gum on the sidewalk? And why wasn't there a place to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way?We did our homework and realized a public gum container would have to be designed specifically for gum, so we gave it a unique shape. It had to get attention and raise awareness of responsible gum disposal, so we covered it with a fun, eye-catching spiral design and made it scream bubble gum pink. Then we joined forces with a leading recycler to ensure that the gum collected became something useful: fertilizer.
I am just wowed by this simple yet handy contraption, why have I been using napkins, strips of magazines and newspaper, past due bills....

Source Envyrobubble (Boo, no more pictures after the jump)

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stepping in gum is the worst. nothing ruins my day more. go for it.