Monday, June 11, 2007

The trick is moving your car quickly

Still on the hunt for a picture of a burning gas pump, I stumbled across this story, and I too made this little error. The key is to have a cashier who can hit the automatic shutoff switch quickly, and being able to move your own car quickly helps too. When I did this upon becoming confused which side the gas door was on, I didn't quite cut the corner as sharp as I should have. My mother sitting in the passenger side calmly said.."TTQ, would you like to move the car before we blow up too?" Damn she's good. The firemen thought it was a riot (as in funny ha ha). Me? I never ever ever wanted to drive again. To this day I still hate getting gas. However, I have yet to ever hit anything else that blows up since. Cars? yes. People? One or maybe 2? Bumpers, hell my computer doesn't hold enough memeory to save that file. Utility poles? None hard enough to knock all the way down..and the list goes on and on.. But I haven't had a speeding ticket since I was 16 and my second ever ticket was moving into this subdivision, where they let me go with "Wear your seatbelt" and pay a fine.

Woman pulled from burning car after driving into gas pump

Posted by Brie Zeltner June 01, 2007 16:00PM

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A pair of construction workers rescued a woman from her burning car this afternoon after she drove into a gas pump at a station on Cedar Road, fire officials said.
Two construction workers saw the woman hit the pump about 1 p.m. at the Shell station at Cedar and South Green roads in South Euclid. They dragged her out of the car as it burst into flames. She was not seriously injured, officials said.
Firefighters from South Euclid and University Heights extinguished the car fire. The gas pump was knocked over.
Further details were unavailable this afternoon.

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meno said...

You could just go to a gas station and create a burning gas pump so you could take a picture of it. :)

Ok, maybe not a good idea.

soapy t said...

a girl i went to high school with died one yr. while home for thanksgiving shortly after graduating college. she was inthe car at the gas station pump. her sister was inside paying for the gas. a driver lost control of their car coming down the hill across the street from the gas station and crashed into the car which crashed into the pump. sadly she didn't make it out alive, he sister saw the whole thing.

TTQ said...

That was one thing that kept me scared for a long time..the What If somebody had been using the pump... ..acck I still can't think about that. My first thought is My God, I CAN NOT live knowing I KILLED someone.

kim said...

Dang, how the heck did I miss this post?

Nice one. At least you weren't trying to jump the pump -- give yourself that one.