Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Obsessive Consumption

How this site slipped under the radar for shopping debt is beyond me..

It's called Obsessive Consumption..and it's worth a look, this chick (Kate Bingaman) makes being in debt seem like a game while achieving her goal to pay off her credit cards. Instead of asking for money she creates art out of purchases and bills and actually has shows and exhibitions.

and don't forget to "Love Your Money, Ya'll"


Cyd said...

She's actually an asst. professor of graphic arts. So I wonder if she can get paid to create the drawings (on university time) AND paid again when she sells it. Maybe she can charge all her credit card purchases as business expenses ("It's background research for my art.")

Sounds like a great gig!

TTQ said...

If she could do all of the above it's like the trifecta of double dipping..