Friday, June 29, 2007

Capitol C

Give me a C! "C!"
Give me a R! "R!"
Give me an A! "A!"
Give me a N! "N!"
Give me a K! "K!"
Give me a Y! "Y!"
What does that Spell?


Last night Mom and I went to see the Producers, it was three hours started at 8. So I didn't get home until almost midnight and it takes me a long time to unwind. I had two tests scheduled for today, plus I couldn't eat until after the tests which were scheduled for 2:00 pm and 3:00pm. I drank the barium for the CT as directed, we get to the hospital and check in for the Dexa Scan (Bone Density Scan). We sit down to wait when they call my name and ask me if I had already drank the barium, I said yes. "Well you can't have the Bone Scan today. You have to wait about 10 days after ingesting the barium. The scheduling department shouldn't have booked them like this." Great, now we have to sit in the freezing cold hospital until 3:00 pm for the CT. I'm tired, cold, cranky and hungry. Nice huh? I could have had the Bone Scan this morning, drank the barium and then gone for the CT at 3:00. Honey is cranky as well, though it's his own fault since he insisted on coming. I shot him the evil eye when he started to open his mouth to bitch about having to get a visitor's pass. He quickly shut his mouth when he realized he had roped himself into coming.

Luckily they called me back at 3:00 on the dot. They found my vein pretty quickly and I choked down the last cup of barium in one swig. I'm getting pretty good at sleeping/meditating, or some kind of trance when I get these things done, so it seemed like it went pretty quickly.

To top off the afternoon, we went to the grocery store together. Honey likes to push the cart and zigzag throughout the store back and forth as he thinks of things. Me? I like to start at one end and work my way through to the other end. But he isn't letting go of the cart, I have no choice but to play the grocery store scavenger hunt with him. I'm surprised I didn't come unglued, I pick up some cheese and try to put it in the basket but everytime I get close he starts moving forward. He is not even paying attention to the fact that I wanted to put something in the basket..finally he notices my frustrated face... Oh oops sorry! Oh just fuck off, lets go home. Okay, I didn't really say that. Just thought it. Off he goes again with the cart. I'll be on the chip aisle getting pretzels. Which is kinda true, it's also the aisle with the books and magazines. So I start browsing the mags and books while I wait for spaz to come back with the cart.


meno said...

I have the hardest time grocery shopping with the Mister. He dawdles and looks at every aisle. I just get in and out as fast as possible.

Cyd said...

Hope you enjoyed the show last night. Would love to hear about it.
We decided to go on the vacay even though we haven't heard the news. We've got tix to see Spamalot! Hope to snag wifi access someplace. NYC is a big city, there's got to be free internet someplace.

Sorry to hear you had a cranky day :-( said...

I'm like you I like to start at one end of the grocery store and end up at the other... I'm so good at it now I can tell people what aisle things are on..Sad but true...

Sorry the hospital mucked up your appointments hope things go more smoothly.

kim said...

magic words, "HE REALIZED he roped himself in" -- this is why you guys don't fight-- your hubby has self awareness -- you're so lucky.

Sounds like you should have been eating the cheese rather than trying to get it in the cart -- but you cracked me up with that story, so all's well that ends funny -- right?

Should I duck, or have you eaten?