Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Pink Flamingo Award

Over the weekend looking out at Tampa Bay and a small nature preserve, we saw some pink birds that we we choose to call Flamingos, granted we were 6 flights up and the outside of the window had a fine salt spray haze covering it. The birds were more than likely a variety of Spoonbills as Flamingos are not native to Florida. While I was thinking about this, I was reminded of an idea that friend and I came up with while tooling along the exclusive homes of the Las Olas Isles in Ft. Lauderdale. Money does not buy taste, some of these 5 million dollar homes had such things as plastic grapes on a wrought iron fence, cheap concrete statuary common among trailer parks and a myriad of other atrocities that offended our eyes. It was then that we decided that those yards might as well have a pink plastic flamingo in the front lawn, if there wasn't one already. We mulled the idea over and decided that placing said flamingo would just result in the plucking of the famous lawn ornaments and it being discarded. It was then I decided that we should make a template that could be spray painted in under a minute and just off the curb in front of the house, not quite noticeable but after a few were discovered surely we might make the newspaper (w/o being known). Who is painting Pink Flamingos on curbs and what do they mean? Genius. We never did get around to executing our brilliant idea of "public art", but I still get a chuckle and an urge to head to the paint department for some pink paint every now and again.


Andrea said...

I LOVE that idea! My BF in high school and I used to super-glue quarters to various things in the commons and watch people try to pry them off. We finally stopped when certain kids figured out how to get them off easily.

TTQ said...

Haha- you said when you were in High School, maybe I should have outgrown these tricks?? Nah.

The quarter one is a good one, especially at work. On somebody else's desk.

Andrea said...

Oooh! Or on the breakroom/kitchen counter! Hehehehe! Where's my superglue?

soapy t said...

do it. do it. do it.

Andie said...

that is hilarious! do it!