Thursday, August 30, 2007

Edumacted Driver

School is back in session full force which means to me? School zones and whizzing through them for about 10 feet before I say "Oh Shit!" and take my foot off the gas peddle. The thing that gets me? The school zone is a higher speed limit than my subdivision. You would think it would be lower. Wouldn't you? Does this mean the kids at play are more important than the kids coming home from school? Who makes these things up? Maybe it's because they have crossing guards out in force to assist the children coming home from school, maybe they were writing too many tickets or the traffic was clogging up the major roads.

Awhile back I blogged about a toll booth that was stuck on the green thank you, I put my money in it anyway just to be safe, yesterday on the way to Orlando at the same tollbooth I put my mony in and nothing happened, it stayed on the red stop. I sat there and waited then went through and felt guilty for not waiting. But what if it never did change and it took a picture of my tags and I get a ticket (which may or may not happen either way). I am going to be sooo pissed. And probably too lazy to fight it.

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Andie said...

your toll story reminds me of that part on harold & kumar when they throw the change in and it doesn't work and they get all paranoid. LOL