Friday, August 31, 2007

Bigfoot lives in my house

"Holy Crap! What was that?!"


Don't tell anyone, but Bigfoot lives here. Honey as I call him, wears a size 14 1/2 shoe (ladies-control yourselves). It took me 6 months to find sandals that he both liked and that fit. Today's mission, flippers for our vacation. Not having alot of luck, the only ones in that size were some kind of mutant short floating flippers. Even searching online was tedious. Oh and the guy in the dive shop said Honey really needs to come in even for the mask..because if he has feet like that he probably has a huge melon. And he does, hats sit on the tip of his head, which is okay cause I really don't want him runninng around like Panama Jack. Baseball caps do fit and that should be it for him in the hat department, He doesn't need a hat large enough to shade both of our beach chairs.


LeighAnn said...

You are so funny! Poor guy!

But at least his shoes can double as floatation devices!!

soapy t said...

do you have a special house built for a giant? sounds like fun. if i were you, which i feel like i kind of am, i would make honey carry me all the time.

TTQ said...

It's a special house..climb up the beanstalk, go pass the old lady in the shoe wave toHumpity on the wall and the house is the last one on the left.

Karina said...

Geez! At least u don't need to worry about him ever dressing up in your shoes =)