Monday, August 13, 2007

Rinse Wash Repeat

Do you ever do things you know you really shouldn't do? You know that the results aren't going to be good, but you do it anyways? Seriously. I never learn, or maybe my mind is set on the "Fuck It/whatever" mode. In which I do whatever I please then I have to deal with the consequences. Tell me one mistake you make over and over and if the results ever vary?


Stucco said...

You mean like being diabetic, and eating the chocoloaty shit that I find around the house? Yeeeahhh. Smart. What's that quote about being able to withstand anything, except temptation?

meno said...

I always order popcorn at the movies, because it smells so good. And i eat it and eat it, waiting for the flavor to kick in, and it never does. And then i am thirsty and full. Bleh.

LeighAnn said...

Um...yeah....yesterday. And you know what happened there.