Saturday, August 11, 2007


Ta-Da! I was aimlessly surfing when Mom IM's me. Her first line? Ta-Da! Like she was a magician on stage or a cute little dancer of 8 who just pulled off her first recital You have to remember this isn't her first IM ever, she's a pretty old hand at it. We IM pretty much everynight even though we just live about 5 miles apart. Ta-Da! I giggle everytime I type it. I just left a comment on my sister's blog, where she forgot to mention that I'm her Baby sister. She just said sister. Harumph. I will not be carried into her Gen X era without a fight. No Ta-Da! You are now in your late 30's (which I'm not). I'm thinking next year I'm going stick on 34, or maybe knock it down a year. I have this theory that you can pretty much pull off any age you want if you alternate years with sticking then reducing. Hell, I was 21 for 5 years then I forgot to add a year on when it wasfinally my 21st birthday, I had to look it up.


Cyd said...

You are even more Generation X than I am, Baby sister. I am, by the way, flattered that you think me only in my late 30's (I'm not). Unless you are lying to make me feel better :-)

TTQ said...

You have the right to remain silent. Anything I say or do can not be used against me in a court of law.

Swishy said...

I am totally going to start lying about my age. Especially around hot young men.

Andrea said...

21 for 5 years. LOL!

I usually avoid the conversation of age, especially since I'm starting to look mine. :) I do take solace, however, in the fact that my husband is 11 years my senior, so no matter how old I am, he'll ALWAYS be older. I just don't want him to look younger than I look! (he just has those kinds of genes - he gets them from his mother)

TTQ said...

Honey is 11 years my senior too.