Monday, August 20, 2007

Roomba is that You !?

Today is Monday and on Monday's I usually spend the day worrying about what I ate over the weekend and being perturbed by the three pound swing. Today my weight was good, which is good because I was good. So my attention is turned to other things, like grocery shopping and chores. I'm still trying to get this "homemaker" thing worked out. Shouldn't I of all people have a spotless house? I don't work, I don't have kids, it should be easy! Given the size of the house versus the number of rooms we actually use, it should be even easier. But alas, I live with a messy man, oblivious to chaos and three very furry animals who shed. We have dust bunnies, lizard skeletons, and pet hair clumps that roll like tumbleweeds. Today as I was sweeping (eek!) the weekend's hair balls into a corner to be swept into the dustpan, I had to sweep around the Roomba. Roomba was covered in hair. Almost in hiding, poor Roomba has been ignored by me as I combat the hair with: A) the broom daily B) The regular vacuum and C) The industrial sized Shop-Vac. I really need an army of Roomba's to be effective. I could set them all up at once and let them run till the batteries go dead. Granted, I would still have to do this daily. Until then welcome to my fuzzy wuzzy world, feel free to take a pet tumbleweed home with you on your way out.


Andrea said...

What if instead of an army of Roombas, you had lots of replacement battery packs (or whatever the Roomba runs on) so that when one goes dead, you can pop in another one and just let it clean 24/7 while the first - and possibly second - battery pack recharges?

Just trying to help. :)

soapy t said...

i hate that the only time i clean my house is when i am having an in town guest. i deserve better than that. i need to make a change.

TTQ said...

Andrea- but you are overlooking the beauty of an army of Roomba's..the chaos and hilarity!
Feeak sShow Bumper Cars. I'd even paint them and name them. See that I have the energy to do whilst giggling like a loon.

Soapy- You are my hero!